Google unleashes brilliant FREE upgrade for your 4K Smart TV

Google unleashes brilliant FREE upgrade for your 4K Smart TV

Google has started to roll out a free upgrade for all Play Store customers in the UK. Anyone who has previously purchased television show episodes or movies will be boosted to Ultra HD quality free of charge. The free upgrade was first trialled back in 2018, but has finally arrived to UK customers for the first time.

The change has started to roll out gradually, so don’t be too frustrated if your existing movie collection hasn’t already been bumped to the pixel-packed format quite yet. Google will notify users when the films or television shows have been upgraded to 4K Ultra HD.

Users will receive a notification when you launch the Google Play Movies app on iOS and Android.

If you own a relatively recent 4K Smart TV, you will be able to spot the difference between High Definition (1080p) and Ultra HD (4K) – even if your gogglebox has the ability to upgrade video quality using its in-built algorithms. So, it’s well worth having the best possible video quality available to watch on your Smart TV.


Apple offers a similar free upgrade to people who have previously coughed-up for an HD version of a television show or movie.

One advantage for those who have bought their movie collection on Google Play instead of iTunes is the sheer number of places you’re able to watch those digital files on. While Apple does offer a dedicated Apple TV app on select Smart TV models and streaming sticks – like Roku, there are substantially more options for those looking to tune into those bought from Google.

The Google Play Movies app is only available on a select few devices, customers can access any TV shows or films bought on Google Play from the dedicated YouTube app. Sign-in to the YouTube app with the Google Account used to purchase the files, you’ll be able to start streaming with a single tap. 

YouTube apps are available on almost every Smart TV model, streaming sticks, tablets and smartphones.

As part of these changes, Google Play Movies in the UK has dropped the ability to buy titles in “HD” in exchange for 4K quality. If Google has the film in 4K quality on its digital shelves, you’ll only see that and standard quality.

It’s worth remembering that you’ll only be able to enjoy 4K Ultra HD quality if your broadband speed is up to it. And from the latest research, it seems like huge numbers of us in lockdown .

Published at Sat, 16 May 2020 06:31:00 +0000