Grant Shapps details £2billion package as he urges Britons to keep walking and cycling

Grant Shapps details £2billion package as he urges Britons to keep walking and cycling

Travel Secretary Grant Shapps announced the Government would be implementing a £2 billion pound scheme to encourage other forms of travel. During the Saturday coronavirus briefing, Mr Grant noted that coming out of lockdown would not be a quick process but rather a gradual one. He added public transport would not be able to accommodate all Britons even at full capacity while social distancing rules were being observed. 

Mr Shapps said: “I am announcing today a £2 billion package to put cycling and walking at the heart of our transport policy.

“To set up how we will deliver this, we will bring forward a national cycling plan, for publication in early June.

“This will be line with the statutory cycle and walking investment strategy to double cycling and increase walking by 2025.

“The first stage, worth £250m, is a series of swift emergency inventions to make cycling and walking safer.

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“Things like, pop up bike lanes, wider pavements, cycle and bus-only streets are all examples of what people will start to see more of.

“Accompanying the new money we are today publishing fast-track statutory guidance, effective immediately, requiring councils in England to cater for significant increase numbers of cyclist and pedestrians.

“Ultimately to create safer streets for the public.”

Mr Shapps also commended the many Britons who have used cycling and walking as their form of transport during the UK lockdown.

He said: “During the crisis, millions of people have discovered the benefits of active travel.

“By cycling or walking many have been able to appreciate this remarkably warm spring while sticking to the guidelines.

“In some places, there has been a 77 percent rise in the number of people on bikes whether it is for exercise or necessary journeys like food shops.

“So whilst it is crucial that we stay at home, when the country does get back to work we need to ask those people to carry on walking and for them to be joined by many others as well.

Published at Sat, 09 May 2020 15:16:00 +0000