Hand luggage: Never make this surprising packing mistake to beat Ryanair & easyJet rules

Hand luggage: Never make this surprising packing mistake to beat Ryanair & easyJet rules

Hand luggage for flights is often all that some passengers travel with. Opting for hold luggage can make flight prices rocket. However, cramming everything into your cabin bag can be tricky if jetting off with such low-cost airlines as easyJet and Ryanair.

One top tip is to avoid packing one type of thing altogether.

Skyscanner advises against packing clothes you bought at the last minute.

This is because they might turn out to not fit as well as you’d hoped or you might end up changing your mind about the new item.

What’s more, you run the risk of recent purchases not going with anything else you’ve packed.


When choosing the clothes you want to take, you’ll have to be ruthless.

“Be sure to try on everything you are taking before you leave to make sure it still fits and makes you happy,” advised Skyscanner.

“There is always the possibility that you lost your mind on that mad rush around town purchasing your holiday wardrobe and that on-trend piece of statement jewellery will be an utter waste of space if you realise it doesn’t go with any of your outfits.”

Tried and tested apparel is the best option if short of space.

T-shirts and casual shirts are also good to pack over smart shirts.

This is because they can be neatly folded and worn when you unpack at your holiday destination.

Formal shirts can be harder to look after – so it’s sensible to research ahead to find out what facilities there will be at your accommodation.

“If you really must bring a formal outfit, check with the hotel to make sure they have laundry/ironing facilities, otherwise you’ll have got all dressed up for nothing,” recommended Skyscanner.

Other space-saving tips include only taking one book away.

Skyscanner points out that, if you finish it, you’ll likely be able to source another on your holiday.

Many hotels and hostels have a library of sorts where you can pick up another tome.

Alternatively, consider taking an e-reader, then you’ll never be short of a read.

Published at Thu, 23 Apr 2020 11:02:00 +0000