Hand luggage: Never pack this unlikely item in your baggage – or risk being fined

Hand luggage: Never pack this unlikely item in your baggage – or risk being fined

Hand luggage needs to be packed carefully as there are a plethora of items that are banned from cabin baggage. Airport security can crack down on passengers travelling with forbidden items in their luggage. Some banned objects are well known, for instance, weapons, but others could take globetrotters by surprise. There’s one item that you should never pack in hand luggage – but you might not know about it.

Travellers hoping to change their hair colour while away could be disappointed as hair dye is banned in hand luggage due to its chemical content.

Experts at luggage site MyBaggage.com said: “If changing your hair colour was at the top of your holiday list, think again.

“The chemical Peroxide found within the dye is banned from airplanes.”

The peroxide content means hair dye comes under the category ‘Chemicals and Toxic Substances’ for banned hand luggage items.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) states: “You cannot take any of these items as hand luggage or in the hold: oxidisers and organic peroxides, including bleach.”

If you’re found travelling with forbidden items in your hand luggage they will be taken off you and you could even risk a fine.

A spokesperson from MyBaggage.com said: “Ensuring everything you pack at home is allowed onto the plane is an easy way to prevent a stressful experience once you reach the airport.

“Some items you might not think as a problem when packing, but when safety is considered it becomes clear why they aren’t allowed in hand luggage.

“Having items removed from you and potentially being handed a fine is not how you want to start, or end, your trip away.

“Each airline may have different restrictions, so it’s important to check every time you fly.”

Another surprising item that is banned is marmite – this is because it actually counts as a liquid so only 100ml of the spread is allowed.

“Due to the consistency of the spread, no more than 100ml can be carried onto the plane in hand luggage,” said MyBaggage.com.

“Similar home-comforts such as jams and honey also fall foul of the liquid restrictions.”

It might cause surprise that certain cheeses are also not allowed in hand luggage.

Soft cheese can melt and therefore turn into a liquid – so airport security counts it as such. These include brie, camembert, goat’s cheese, cream cheese and more. 

Fortunately, hard cheese is not a problem and can travel in your hand luggage if necessary.

Published at Sat, 28 Sep 2019 13:34:00 +0000