Hand luggage: Use this technique to beat Ryanair and easyJet strict rules

Hand luggage: Use this technique to beat Ryanair and easyJet strict rules

Flights require careful hand luggage packing, especially if you’re travelling with low-cost carriers such as Ryanair and easyJet. Both airlines have fairly rigid cabin baggage rules which can be hard to abide by. It’s important to be savvy when packing carry on luggage and there are several techniques that come in handy. One frequent traveller has shared their top tip on consumer website Money Saving Expert.

They point out it’s worth remembering that not everything actually needs to go inside your hand luggage.

It’s a good idea to choose your travelling clothes wisely and make the most of pockets.

“We always wear light jackets with as many pockets as possible,” the globetrotter explained.

“Put sandwiches, water, etc, for the flight in pockets, along with paperbacks, rolled-up socks and undies, and any food items that will fit in them.”

They also advise against packing any towels as these are provided “just about everywhere.”

The traveller revealed this tip has helped enable them to pack everything they need without a problem.

“We can easily pack enough to last a week in the hand luggage this way,” they said.

Another frequent traveller on the Money Saving Expert forum revealed their hack for boosting the chances of your hand luggage getting past the eagle-eyed staff at the airport gate.

The Ryanair passenger revealed it can make all the difference if your bag is black instead of colourful. 

This way, staff are much less likely to notice if it’s too big and it will not stick out.

“Take a black case to blend in,” the anonymous traveller posted on Money Saving Expert.

“I made the schoolboy error of buying my case in florescent pink rather than black, which means I stick out like a sore thumb and get stopped every single time when boarding.”

“Never a problem and my case WILL fit in their cage, but I’ve always noticed people with HUGE black cases wheeling past me smugly while a poor flight attendant is sweating, trying to shove my case into the checker cage while saying ‘I’m sure it’ll go in’(sic).”

Holidaymakers should also remember they need to obey the liquid rule of no more than 100ml in hand luggage.

Perfume can prove particularly tricky in this instance as fragrance bottles are often much bigger than 100ml. However, there is a way to get around this without ditching the perfume from hand luggage altogether.

According to Ceryn Lawless, Communications Editor at online beauty retailer Escentual.com, a portable atomiser could be vital.

“Truth be told unless you’re going away for months on end you really don’t need a full bottle of perfume,” Lawless told Express.co.uk.

“A 100ml bottle should last, even if you wear it daily, well over a year! Plus, packing your favourite fragrance bottle in your suitcase is risky; the last thing you need is for all your new holiday clothes to get ruined before you even step off the plane.

“This leaves you with one option: your hand luggage, which means limited space and a 100ml limit. The solution? Decant your perfume into a Travalo, fragrance atomiser, or if available for your perfume, a travel spray case.”

Published at Mon, 15 Apr 2019 19:23:00 +0000