Happy Valley star admits ‘wasn’t supposed to be’ as she addresses major character’s death

Happy Valley star admits ‘wasn’t supposed to be’ as she addresses major character’s death

has seen some major twists and turns during series three and fans are eagerly waiting to see if Tommy Lee Royce (played by James Norton) will get his revenge on Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire). It is also unclear whether Faisal Bhatti (Amit Shah) will be caught for murdering Joanna Hepworth (Mollie Winnard) or whether her husband Martin (Mark Stanley) will be framed instead.

In previous scenes, Joanna became addicted to diazepam and was using pharmacist Faisal Bhatti to supply the medication.

To make matters worse, Joanna told Faisal that she needed to get away from her abusive husband, Martin and that she needed help in dealing with him.

The pair came up with the plot to kill the PE teacher, however, things took a turn when Faisal realised Joanna had lied to him.

In a rage, the pharmacist ended up hitting Joanna over the head with a rolling pin.

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However, according to the actress who played the mum-of-two, Joanna wasn’t meant to be killed off that way.

“Joanna’s death wasn’t supposed to be with a rolling pin, it was originally a golf club,” Mollie began.

“But because of how much blood that would have caused and the prosthetics I had on for the injuries, the police advisor Lisa said that it wouldn’t possibly be able to be cleaned up or hidden so quickly.”

“So we had to change it to make it more realistic,” she added to Metro.co.uk.

It is unclear how Faisal’s storyline will play out, but in a new interview with Lorraine Kelly, the actor who plays him teased his fate.

“I wouldn’t mind if he gets framed, it’s not going to bother me much because he’s horrible,” the ITV host said.

“Yeah, a lot of people have been saying this,” the actor replied before adding: “But all of these characters are so beautifully rounded and floored.

“So as an actor you approach the character and you think, ‘He’s done some bad stuff. But why is that?'”

He added: “You try and find justification or reason or motives and he’s in this pressure cooker situation and he’s been threatened from different angles.”

On Sunday night, Happy Valley will finally come to an end and fans will find out whether Tommy Lee Royce escapes to Spain with Ryan (Rhys Connah).

The serial killer has been in hiding since he escaped from court and has been hellbent on getting his son to run away with him.

But, will Ryan see through his dad’s lies or will Catherine manage to catch the villain before it’s too late?

Happy Valley concludes on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

Published at Sat, 04 Feb 2023 15:31:00 +0000