Hard-pressed health frontline turns to Chuckling Goat’s soothing kefir lotions

Hard-pressed health frontline turns to Chuckling Goat’s soothing kefir lotions

Sales have risen 62 percent this year for the small family firm which employs 22 in rural south Wales. Manufacturing is on site using milk from its own herd and other farm dairies. ecommerce and subscription models supply customers in more than 50 countries.

Since 2014 Chuckling Goat has taken a lead developing the evidence-based, therapeutic benefits of kefir and goats milk whose properties are increasingly recognised as helping a variety of skin and gut conditions as well as anxiety and depression. 

Now frontline NHS staff have turned to Chuckling Goat’s Calm Down Kefir Lotion with lavender and its new Natural Clean Hand soap infused with lemon and bergamot, says Shann Jones who expects a £4.5 million turnover this year for the business she founded with her husband Richard.

“The recurring problems seem to be sore, cracked skin from the constant washing staff have to do and irritations caused by humidity and long hours wearing face masks,” she explains.

After the company donated 10 percent of its lotions, “we were asked for more and more and have now contributed £100,000 worth of products,” she adds.

“Sales have also increased as more people are taking responsibility for their own health, to meet this our team is working even harder and we have boosted production which is up 220 percent. The Welsh Government allowed us to continue trading which has made a big difference.” 

A new range of herbal tinctures to help with anxiety, fatigue and hormonal issues will be released this month alongside its gut health packages. 

 Following an approach from an NHS oncologist Chuckling Goat is now designing a clinical trial for patients who have been treated for cancer. 

The demand for the lotions and soap have also prompted Jones to consider approaching schools and nurseries.

Published at Sun, 07 Jun 2020 10:00:00 +0000