Harry Dunn death: Parents in landmark talks with Trump after refusing to meet US suspect

Harry Dunn death: Parents in landmark talks with Trump after refusing to meet US suspect

Suspect Anne Sacoolas, was brought to the White House on Tuesday ahead of Trump’s meeting with Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn. However, the couple refused to meet Ms Sacoolas, instead claiming they would only meet her on UK soil. According to The Sun, Ms Sacoolas was driving on the wrong side of the road after she crashed into Harry’s motorcycle.

The collision occurred in August outside a Northamptonshire RAF base.

The suspect was given diplomatic immunity before fleeing the US.

This ensured she would not face British courts over the teenager’s death.

However, the couple’s hopes of seeing justice were lifted following a meeting with Trump.

The President said Charlotte and Tim had put forward a “compelling” case for Ms Sacoolas to be sent back to the UK.

They were also advised that Ms Sacoolas no longer has diplomatic protection.

Charlotte said: “We were a bit shocked but she could have been two miles away.

“It’s not appropriate to meet her without therapists and mediators.”

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The Daily Mirror reported that Trump held Charlotte’s hand during the emotional encounter.

Reports suggest that Trump said Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been in contact in order to help the family’s case.

Before their meeting in Washington, the couple posted on the Justice 4 Harry GoFundMe page.

They wrote: “We are grateful for the invitation, which we hope represents a positive development in our fight for justice.

“Our priority, as any parent will understand, is justice for our child.

“We believe this can only be achieved if Anne Sacoolas returns to England and engages properly with the justice system, where she will be treated fairly in a proper investigation of what happened to our son on that day – an investigation that cannot happen without her co-operation.

“Friends tell each other the truth. If Britain and America are friends then we believe there should be no possibility of a citizen of one country hiding from justice in another while falsely claiming a privilege such as diplomatic immunity.”

Previously, Tim reflected on his son’s final moments, telling CBS: “Yes (he was conscious) when I got there the paramedics were just putting him onto the stretcher pulling him out of the grass verge.

“I could see broken bones out of his arms, he was talking; he knew (I was there).

“I called over and said Harry it’s your dad, they’re going to fix you. Be calm let them help you.”

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