Have I Got News For You sends Twitter into meltdown – ‘Like parents on Zoom!’

Have I Got News For You sends Twitter into meltdown – ‘Like parents on Zoom!’

The BBC‘s Have I Got New For You programme aired on Friday through a video chat between its presenters due to the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. But many viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinion of the new format which many believed didn’t work without the live studio audience. One Twitter user wrote: “Feels like I’ve accidentally joined my parents’ group Zoom call and everyone is shouting into the microphone and talking over each other.”

Another added: “This is like every Microsoft Teams meeting I’ve had in the last 2 weeks but less funny.”

A third person said: “Can’t decide if Have I Got News For You via video chat is charming and entertaining or completely unwatchable.”

But other viewers like the episode and remarked on it being unusual in parts.

One social media user said: “Well, the remotely, working from home version of Have I Got News For You was definitely an unusual episode. Still had its funny moments but just felt slightly awkward without an audience.”

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Producers of the show said before airing that the show was like a Zoom meeting.

Have I Got News For You has filmed its first episode during the COVID-19 crisis with just a few “teething troubles”, as all five panellists filmed in their homes, the show’s producer has said.

The satirical show will return for new series on Friday night, with team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, host Steph McGovern and guests Miles Jupp and Helen Lewis all taking part remotely.

Producer Richard Wilson said: “It will be different from a Zoom meeting.

The show was recorded a day early on Wednesday to allow extra time to stitch together the footage from all five cameras and Wilson said: “It went very well.

“There were obviously teething troubles when you’ve got five people trying to interact spontaneously and obviously that is all new to everybody and on top of all that, and on top of all the technological difficulties of getting it on air, you’ve got the whole difficulty of doing it without an audience.

“But they got going, they got warmed up and we talked about a lot of other things apart from the coronavirus story.

“We did deal with that but we don’t want to make the whole show about that because people want to be entertained and amused and there is only so much amusement in that story.”

Published at Fri, 03 Apr 2020 23:10:00 +0000