Health passports to ‘become the norm’ in order to escape travel lockdown

Health passports to ‘become the norm’ in order to escape travel lockdown

Furthermore, UK aviation could be soon to follow, with a number of trials anticipated at Heathrow Airport in the coming months.

Two trials are set to take place in the coming month, with pilots and cabin crew from Virgin Atlantic using a digital app called Yoti, to prove they have been tested.

The airport is also set to run a programme between London and New York, using the CommonPass app.

According to Mr Lasarow, the “health passport” concept would work well with the Government’s current plans for the future.

“We understand that the Government’s ‘Project Moonshot’ is evaluating all integration points for testing and one could imagine the ‘Moonshot Passport’ as part of the service,” he said.

He added: “In the same way it was a new innovation to have a credit card in your wallet, a health passport with your test information for access will become the norm.”

Much like the current “Track and Trace” system, the expert believes the data could well be handled by specialist teams, meaning Britons aren’t faced with stacks of admin ahead of travel.

“It is not impossible to have accredited labs/companies that feed information into these health passports. In fact, it is highly likely,” he said.

“Companies like IBM or others through their blockchain technology would also help keep things secure when moving to scale.”

These companies could then input any new coronavirus tests results or relevant health data.

Published at Sat, 24 Oct 2020 03:01:00 +0000