Heart attack symptoms: Three subtle signs of the deadly condition women shouldn’t ignore

Heart attack symptoms: Three subtle signs of the deadly condition women shouldn’t ignore

The term “heart attack” technically refers to myocardial infarction. This is when a part of the heart is damaged, and can even die, but the heart continues to beat. What are the subtle signs of a heart attack?

Cardiologists Leslie Cho said: “[A heart attack] is seldom as dramatic as you might think.”

Dr Cho goes on to describe three subtle signs of a heart attack women shouldn’t ignore.


Dr Cho asserts that women should pay attention to whether they’re experiencing new or intense feelings of fatigue.

Examples of this can include if you suddenly feel worn out after an exercise routine you normally engage in.

This can be as simple as making the bed, walking to the bathroom or shopping.

Although you aren’t physically exerting yourself, you feel tired doing simple tasks and may even feel as though you have a “heavy” chest.

Additionally, hitting the hay may seem like a great idea to relieve feelings of fatigue, but you keep experiencing sleep disturbances.

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Be aware if shortness of breath worsens when lying down and improves when propping up.

And notice any stress sweats – where you get a cold, clammy feeling – when there’s no real cause for stress.

Indicators of a heart attack also include sweating or shortness of breath accompanied by chest pain.

Neck, jaw, back pain

If there is no specific muscle or joint that aches, but you’re feeling pain in your neck, jaw or back, this can pinpoint towards a heart condition.

Cho recommends women to notice if they experience discomfort when exerting themselves, especially when the pain stops as soon as they stop exercising.

Pain can be felt in either arm. Any pain experienced in the upper or lower back often starts in the chest and spreads to these areas.

Sometimes, the pain is severe enough to wake you from an otherwise restful sleep.

Pain specific to the left, lower side of the jaw can be a warning sign.

Detail any symptoms to your doctor, and blood work may be ordered to check whether your heart is damaged.

An untreated heart attack can lead to cardiac arrest.

A cardiac arrest is sudden loss of blood flow to the heart.

This will lead to a person falling unconscious and death is likely within minutes.

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