Her Majesty's 'frostier' side: The Queen's 'glacial stare' analysed by expert

Her Majesty's 'frostier' side: The Queen's 'glacial stare' analysed by expert

The head of the Crown, the Church, and a very high profile family, the Queen is a busy woman. It can’t be easy managing so many people.

Judi said: “It is often possible to spot a moment when a royal at war might be caught revealing their true feelings as they look at the person they are at odds with.

“When Edward VIII was buried in the UK there were reports that the Queen Mother had a ‘rare streak of dislike’ for his wife Wallis.

“Always the gracious royal though, she was seen performing her signature smile on the day although the Queen’s facial expressions as she glanced back at Wallis might be described as frostier.

“The two women appeared side by side in 1972 and the Queen was standing at a distance, gazing downward while Wallis looked rigid with tension.”

She said: “Like all other families the royals suffer their spats, rifts, and fall-outs.

“But unlike all other families, those battles tend to take place on the world stage, with millions of eyes scrutinising every move and often, as in the case of William and Harry, taking sides.

“While royals like the Queen might have learned to master the important techniques of body language masking and emotional suppression, others have shown over the years that they can struggle with the stoic technique known as the ‘smile and wave’.”

Judi told Express.co.uk: “The William and Harry rift has seen the use of the ‘buffer’ come into play, which is when a handy royal is enlisted to chat to both parties to try to prevent the inevitable awkwardness and tension showing on camera.”

Published at Sun, 16 May 2021 03:01:00 +0000