Holidays 2020: ‘No risk at all’ – Expert Simon Calder reveals safest modes of UK travel

Holidays 2020: ‘No risk at all’ – Expert Simon Calder reveals safest modes of UK travel

Holidays this summer are looking more unlikely due to quarantine rules and travel restrictions being in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. But for those planning for a late summer or autumn holiday, travel expert Simon Calder and his colleague, BBC producer Mick Webb, discussed the risks you may face when travelling and how to manage them.

From diseases to snake bites, and from flying to driving, the avid travellers covered it all.

Taking a side-step away from coronavirus, the duo discussed some of the safest and risk-free options for travel.

Mr Calder began by explaining that for him “travelling around” from place to place was at the forefront of his concerns.

“That is when statistically most travellers are harmed”, he said.

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“But of course it’s potentially less risky than motorbikes because there’s a limit on how far any of us can walk or indeed cycle.

“Rail and air are so safe that it’s actually very difficult to find any risk at all.

“So, no fatalities among train passengers in the UK since 2007.

“And in the air, well, you know the concept they use on building sites – ‘number of days since an accident’.

“There have been 11,473 accident-free days among UK airlines since the last fatal crash involving a jet aircraft.

“That was the Kegworth disaster in 1989.

“So, you can travel for millions of miles by air or train before you ever reach that one in a million chance of dying.”

However, Mr Calder explained that there was one risk which, although it is reported about heavily, actually poses very little risk to an individual.

He added: “Now, one risk that is statistically low in most parts of the world is terrorism but it hits the headlines and many people have been deterred from travel because of it.

“I would put it in the same category as plane crashes – terrible things, very, very occasionally happen – and they are desperately tragic when they do.

“But the risks to the individual are tiny.”

Simon Calder’s podcast, ‘You should have been there’ is available to listen for free on Spotify

Published at Tue, 09 Jun 2020 18:18:00 +0000