Holidays 2020: Skyscanner reveals this shocking new booking trend among holidaymakers

Holidays 2020: Skyscanner reveals this shocking new booking trend among holidaymakers

Holidays this summer are looking very unlikely for some nations. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for holidaymakers looking for a break next year or later this year. Some countries such as China, Japan, Greece and Spain are already looking at relaxing their travel rules.

According to Skyscanner, searches from the UK to France increased by 128 percent this week, while for Italy it increased by 103 percent.

Further data shows that people are also looking at other forms of travel such as car hire in the UK.

The data also revealed that holdiays abroad are becoming far less popular.

In fact, more people are actually looking to go on holiday closer to home in multiple countries. 

Australians are looking for at holidays in destinations such as Darwin, Cairns and Broome which are all in Australia.

Other countries like Japan, South Korea and Vietnam are also seeing high searches for domestic holidays.

Skyscanner has also seen more interest in Americans looking to travel to Tampa and Orlando which are sunny hotspots in Florida.

Jon Thorne, director of User Satisfaction for Skyscanner said that certain destinations are discussing travel alliances or “travel bubbles”.

He said: “Nations around the world are discussing new travel alliances.

“As certain countries have been named, we have seen a correlation with an increase in search data to those locations, intimating that will adapt their planned destination according to government regulations.

“Safety, is of course, paramount in many people’s minds.

“Many travellers are taking advantage of the airlines and hotels who are offering their most flexible cancellation policies ever and booking international travel for later this year and early next.”

A Trans-Tasman travel bubble was announced this week between Australia and New Zealand which will begin in July.

Transport Minister Grant Shapps also said that “air bridges” between the UK and low-risk coronavirus countries were being discussed.

This could potentially mean that people entering the UK from countries with an ‘R’ rate lower than 1.0 could be exempt from quarantine rules.

Published at Wed, 27 May 2020 12:05:00 +0000