Holidays 2020: Two million people could be exempt from new travel quarantine rules

Holidays 2020: Two million people could be exempt from new travel quarantine rules

Holidays this year may not be an option for most Britons as travel restrictions remain in place across the world. However, a small number of countries in Europe such as Italy and Greece are opening their doors to holidaymakers to kickstart their tourism industry. But next Monday, the UK will be enforcing 14-day quarantine rules for anyone entering the country from abroad meaning that Britons hoping for a week-long break could face having to take three weeks off work.

Travel expert Simon Calder has now reported in The Independent that at least two million people could be exempt from the quarantine rules because of their jobs.

The UK government has published a list of jobs that are exempt from the quarantine rules.

The jobs include bus drivers, dentists and police officers among others who can skip the 14-day quarantine rules.

Mr Calder, who has been a leading voice for the travel industry during the coronavirus, explained on his podcast that some of the exemptions are “quite weird”.

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Some of the other exemptions on the government website include road haulage workers, someone travelling to the UK for pre-arranged treatment, a registered health or care professional travelling to the UK, quality assurance inspectors for human medicines, civil aviation inspectors, workers engaged in essential or emergency works and postal workers involved in the transport of mail into and out of the UK.

Some of the categories for the jobs are broad and a little unclear.

The Independent calculated that at least two million workers may be able to avoid the quarantine rules, according to the the government’s list.

At least 1.5 million will be able to prove that they are “a registered health or care professional travelling to the UK to provide essential healthcare, including where this is not related to coronavirus”.

Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed the quarantine measures on May 20.

Although no end date has been announced, the government will be reviewing the measures every three weeks.

But the quarantine rules have sparked outrage from airlines and travel industry bosses who claim that the move could devastate the sector.

A government spokesperson told The Independent: “These cross-government public health measures are designed to keep the transmission rate down, stop new cases being brought in from abroad and help prevent a devastating second wave of coronavirus.

“All of our decisions have been based on the latest scientific evidence.

“The list of exemptions has been agreed by all government departments in consultation with their stakeholders which will ensure critical supplies and services can continue and will be kept under review.

“People coming into the UK will be required to provide contact and travel information when coming to the UK, including those who are exempt.

“We will set out further detail shortly including on how we will take action against those who flout the rules.”

Published at Tue, 02 Jun 2020 07:54:00 +0000