Holidays: Travel expert reveals the top sites for finding cheap holiday deals

Holidays: Travel expert reveals the top sites for finding cheap holiday deals

Cheap holidays and flights don’t have to be extortionate, if you know where to look. Flights in particular can pile extra costs onto your holiday, with long-haul flights often costing even more when they require multiple changes. For families travelling together this can be a huge financial burden before they even arrive at their final destination.

And with the aviation industry in trouble, holidaymakers are even more concerned that their holidays could cost a fortune.

Now one expert has revealed where customers must look to secure the best holiday deals possible.

Jenna Kvidt and her husband Micah are filmmakers and photographers who founded their own travel site, Wander The Map.

As avid travellers and adventurers, they often share their stories on their website, giving people inspiration and ideas on where to go next.

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“Just make sure you cancel before the refund window ends if you do end up doing this.”

Jenna, who resides in Minnesota with Micah, also described some of the luggage hacks they use regularly, which always come in handy when they are travelling with a multitude of camera equipment.

She explained: “We always try to pack carry-on only, unless we are on a job and need to bring a lot of camera gear.

“Either way, we’ve found that packing cubes are key for saving space and keeping our bags organised.

“We typically fold our clothes with the Marie Kondo method because it is just so great at saving space and keeping our clothes mostly wrinkle free.”

She also unveiled one packing trick that makes choosing an outfit that much easier while travelling.

She said: “And last, but not least, we try to pack clothes in one colour scheme so we can mix and match outfits easier.

“I typically pack a range of black, grey, tan, and/or green items, which also helps me limit my accessories to one purse, one jacket, and one or two pairs of shoes.”

Currently, it is unclear when international travel bans will be lifted in some countries.

In the UK, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising all Britons to not travel abroad unless it is essential.

The FCO announced last month that the current restrictions will remain in place “indefinitely”.

For the latest information on travelling abroad, check your government’s website.

Published at Fri, 08 May 2020 13:12:00 +0000