Hot weather forecast: Tropical 33C heatwave to bake Britain in 72-hour sizzler – full map

Hot weather forecast: Tropical 33C heatwave to bake Britain in 72-hour sizzler – full map

The last few weeks have brought unsettled and variable weather conditions, disappointing many who have booked last minute staycations now the coronavirus lockdown restrictions have eased. But Britons can expect to bask in scorching temperatures by the end of the week as a heatwave moves in on Thursday, sticking around in some parts until Saturday, nudging thermometers up to the low 30s for much of the UK.

A plume of warm air is expected to move in from the south on Thursday, driving temperatures back up to the high 20s and even low 30s.

Much of the UK will see a marked change in the weather, as the rain and strong winds move out and are replaced by glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures.

So far this month the mercury has failed to reach 30C, so the warm weather is likely to be welcomed by many Britons looking to make the most of the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Weather maps by Netweather show the south of England, the Midlands and Wales will experience the best of the sunny weather on Thursday, as the mercury is expected to reach at least 27C.

hot weather forecast uk heatwave met office latest

Hot weather forecast: Britons can expect scorching temperatures from Thursday (Image: Netweather)

hot weather forecast uk met office weather heatwave

Hot weather forecast: A plume of hot air will move in from the continent on Friday (Image: WXCHARTS)

By Friday, the whole of the UK is set to be engulfed by a plume of warm air moving in from the continent.

As a result, the mercury will soar to the high 20s for Scotland and the north of England, with weather maps turning blood red as the heatwave moves in.

The south of England and parts of Wales can expect to reach the early 30s for the final day of July, as the scorching temperatures are set to be accompanied by clear skies.

Weather maps by forecasters WXCharts show the whole of the UK, except small parts of Northern Ireland, will avoid rainfall and cloudy skies.

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uk hot weather forecast heatwave met office latest maps

UK weather forecast: Britons are expected to bake in 33C heat on Friday (Image: Netweather)

The Met Office said: “A separate area of low pressure out in the Atlantic will force a warm front across the northern half of the UK bringing a band of rain that will move northeastwards through the day on Thursday.

“The bulk of England and Wales will have a dry, warm and sunny day.

“By Thursday night the low pressure will start to draw up warmer air from the south leading to a hot day on Friday, especially in the south.

“Temperatures are likely to reach up to 33C in southeast England, with locations in the Midlands and northern England reaching 30C and widespread high 20s Celsius as far north as southern Scotland.”

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hot weather forecast uk heatwave met office latest

Hot weather forecast: Temperatures are set to soar to 33C in the south on Friday (Image: Netweather)

hot weather forecast thursday weather met office latest

Hot weather forecast: The mercury is expected to drive up from Thursday (Image: Netweather)

But the Met Office’s deputy chief forecaster Brent Walker warned the heatwave will be short-lived, with temperatures starting to fall by the weekend.

He said: “There is quite a change in the weather coming by the end of the week, with increasing sunshine and a day of hot conditions on Friday.”

The forecaster added soon after “a cold front moves in on Saturday bringing the temperatures back down to around average for the time of year.”

But Netweather forecasts the south of England, as well as the east coast, will still be characterised by warmer weather.

weather maps uk met office weather latest

Weather maps by forecasters WXCharts show most of the UK will remain dry on Friday (Image: WXCHARTS)

hot weather forecast weather saturday met office weather london

Hot weather forecast: Temperatures are set to stay in the mid-20s on Saturday (Image: Netweather)

The forecasters expect the mercury to stay in the mid 20s, with the capital expected to reach highs of 25C.

Senior forecast Nick Finnis said: “A cold front sweeping east Friday night will sweep Friday’s heat away and introduce cooler and fresher conditions for all on Saturday.

“The westerly breeze will bring sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud which will be thick enough at times to bring some scattered mainly light showers, especially across the west.

“Similar day on Sunday, fresh westerly breeze bringing sunny spells and scattered showers, mostly across the west, perhaps heavy across the northwest.”

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