Houseparty max number of guests: How many users can join your Houseparty at once?

Houseparty max number of guests: How many users can join your Houseparty at once?

Houseparty is the popular chat app allowing users to play games as a group. Billed as a social video app, Houseparty is available for free for both Android and iOS and has been downloaded millions of times since the coronavirus struck.

Houseparty is the free social networking app that has raked-up millions of downloads on iPhone and Android.

The Houseparty app lets friends and family make video calls, play games and hang out in a virtual “house party”.

Houseparty describes its app as “the next best thing to hanging out in person”.

The app has become hugely popular in recent weeks as people limit face-to-face time with friends and family while bunkering down amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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How to sign up to Houseparty:

You can download Houseparty on your mobile by heading to Google Play on an Android or the App Store on your iPhone.

Once this has been downloaded, users need to sign up for an account with your email, phone number and username.

Once this has been done, the app can automatically connect users with people they know using their phone’s contact book.

Simply select Add to send a friend invite to Houseparty.

You can also use Houseparty on a computer by downloading the Houseparty desktop app for Mac or Windows.

How to start a Houseparty call:

Once Houseparty is downloaded, open the app and you should see the homescreen.

The Houseparty homescreen is a video feed of your face with numerous symbols around the outside.

To start a chat or group call, hit the + sign in the screen’s top right corner.

Next, select up to eight of your friends and family.

At least one will have to be added one another on the app first and tap Invite to Room.

Users will now be in a call and can chat to your heart’s content.

Find people to chat with from the + menu, as well we inviting people without the app to download it.

What is the maximum number of guests in Houseparty?

Houseparty currently allows up to eight people to join a single session.

Houseparty said: “We’re built around real friends who provide value to each other, not us.

“We are a face-to-face social network, rather than social media. What’s with the nuance?

“Well, we value human connection over content, prioritize qualitative affirmation, not quantitative validation, and believe that being together should be as easy as just showing up.”

How to play games on Houseparty:

Houseparty also has games you can play with people in your room.

Once you’re in a chat, tap the dice icon in the top right and you’ll be presented with four options.

These free options include Heads Up, Trivia, Chips and Guac and Quick Draw.

Games normally close after one round, but it can be difficult to quit them midway through if you are in a big group.

To do that, you all need to confirm you wish to finish by hitting the X symbol visible in the top right corner of the games screen.

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