How Amazon Echo can boost productivity: Essential Alexa tricks for anyone working at home

How Amazon Echo can boost productivity: Essential Alexa tricks for anyone working at home

You’re probably aware of the vast majority of the features squeezed into your Amazon Echo – it can read out the latest headlines, weather reports, play music, set timers, order takeaways …the list goes on. But as millions of people continue to work, take classes, and socialise at the weekends inside their homes due to the ongoing public health crisis, Amazon has highlighted a number of lesser-known Alexa features to help out.

Amazon says that one of the most important ways that Alexa can help is to bring some structure to your day at home. To do, Amazon suggests setting reminders to keep on track throughout the day and week.

For example, stating “Alexa, remind me to take a break at 11am” – is a helpful way of ensuring you take time to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, or try meditation using one of many Alexa Skills (what Amazon calls apps for its connected home gadget range), like “Alexa, open headspace”.

“Alexa, remind me to check in on Sarah” is another way to make sure you check-in on family and friends throughout the day. Best of all? You won’t have to leave your desk, or pick up the phone to do it – you can call them using your Echo device by saying “Alexa, call Sarah” to start the call.

Kickstarting the workday is even easier thanks to Alexa Routines. This isn’t a new feature per se, but it could help in new ways that you hadn’t considered before. Routines lets you add trigger a chain of commands with a single, customised key phrase.

So, you can make Alexa switch on the lights in your home office, crank up your favourite radio station and set a reminder to take a break in an hours time by using the phrase “Alexa, let’s start work”.

To do this, you’ll need to launch the companion Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, then head to the menu and select Routines. Select the + icon in the top right corner, then tap When This Happens, and then choose How To Trigger The Routine. Select Add Action, and then choose which action it completes. Under From, select which device controls the routine. Tap Create.

And at the end of the day, when all of your work is done, chatty AI assistant Alexa can lend a helping hand too.

Amazon has highlighted some of the thousands of possible commands, including ~

“Alexa, give me some gardening tips”
“Alexa, will it be sunny this weekend?”
“Alexa, give me a craft idea”
“Alexa, what can I do with the kids at home?”
“Alexa, announce that dinner’s ready”

Amazon Echo Deals

Amazon has dropped the price of its Echo smart speaker by £20 – from £89.99 down to £69.99. Unfortunately, the US retail giant hasn’t confirmed how long it will keep the AI-powered smart speaker at that price, so you’d better add to your basket sooner rather than later.

The Echo Dot, Echo Plus and every single Echo smart home device with a touchscreen – like the Echo Show 8 – has also dropped in the latest round of price cuts. Find the full details below.

Published at Sat, 30 May 2020 07:36:00 +0000