How Pippa Middleton went to ‘amazing’ lengths to conceal her identity after big night out

How Pippa Middleton went to ‘amazing’ lengths to conceal her identity after big night out

Using the alias of Lucy Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister phoned for a taxi. Then Pippa reportedly lurked in dark doorways as she waited for her ride home. Describing what happened, the cab driver told the Mail on Sunday: “She ordered a taxi for Lucy Middleton and kept ringing, asking if I was there yet because she was hiding in a dark doorway.

“I later Googled the name and saw Lucy Middleton [Pippa and Kate’s cousin] in a picture with Pippa, and realised it was actually Pippa in my cab.”

Why Ms Middleton was so keen to conceal her identity remains a mystery.

By all accounts, Pippa enjoys a very close relationship with her elder sister Kate, but this was not always the case, according to a royal expert.

Royal reporter Emma Cowing claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge was jealous of her younger sister before she married William.

Writing in the Scotsman, Ms Cowing observed: “There is, allegedly, some jealousy between the pair. Kate was always quite jealous of Pippa.

“I sensed that she feared being eclipsed by her because Pippa has more natural effervescence, she is socially much more at ease and was always popular with everyone, especially (brother) James’ friends.”

Alleged jealousies between the two sisters did not prevent Kate from inviting her younger sibling to be a bridesmaid at her wedding to William.

But unwittingly Pippa almost stole the limelight on Kate’s big day out, after a paparazzi photographed her from behind.

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“I don’t think she stole the show. Pippa had an exotic walk-on part.”

The two sisters nowadays enjoy a lot in common.

Like her elder and more famous sister, Ms Middleton is happily married with a young family.

She married hedge fund manager James Matthews in 2017 and the couple have a baby boy, called Arthur.

Recently, Pippa wrote about her experiences of motherhood in her Waitrose column, Fitness with Pippa Middleton.

In a revealing article, she explained how she and her son stay fit and healthy.

She wrote: “Our local baby gym has been a saving grace.

“It’s a big space full of fun, soft objects, playmats, stairs, balls, swings, mini trampolines and more to stimulate and physically engage babies and toddlers.

“Arthur burns lots of energy in this safe environment and learns many physical skills. I have also noticed him building his confidence with each visit.”

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