How to get rid of acid reflux in your throat

How to get rid of acid reflux in your throat

If you have acid reflux and related symptoms more than three days a week for three weeks, you are strongly advised to see your GP.

See your GP sooner if you have reflux associated with any other symptoms such as food sticking in your throat, or unexplained weight loss.

Dr Lee recommends taking antacids if you have acid reflux symptoms frequently and for a long time.

She said: “These can be purchased over the counter. Antacids work to provide symptom relief because they neutralise stomach acids. They contain either an aluminium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, or magnesium trisilicate.

“Alternatively, some antacids contain alginates which coat the stomach and oesophagus to help give protection from an acid attack. You can get advice about these from your pharmacist.”

Antacids are generally safe to use, although magnesium-containing antacids tend to give diarrhoea, whereas aluminium-containing laxatives tend to cause constipation.

Published at Wed, 24 Feb 2021 07:59:00 +0000