How to live longer – the 50p snack to protect against early death and bowel cancer

How to live longer – the 50p snack to protect against early death and bowel cancer

The key to living longer could be to eat a healthy, balanced diet – including at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day – as well as regular exercise. But you could boost your life expectancy by regularly eating nuts, it’s been claimed.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a well-rounded diet is crucial to prolonging your lifespan.

You could also boost your lifespan by doing regular exercise. It’s the “miracle cure” we’ve all been waiting for, according to the NHS.

Making some small diet or lifestyle changes could help to increase your life expectancy and avoid an early death.

Eating nuts every single day could help to protect against bowel cancer, according to nutritionists.

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“Nuts are little wonders, loaded with mineral, phytochemical, and essential fats that keep the heart healthy, as well as helping prevent bowel cancer, gallstones and type 2 diabetes,” said the nutritionists, in their book ‘Eat Better Live Longer – Understand What Your Body Needs To Stay Healthy’.

“Eating peanuts may help protect against colorectal cancer. A study of 24,000 adults found the risk of bowel cancer was cut by 58 percent in women and 27 percent in men when peanuts were eaten twice a week.

“It’s believed physic acid, phytosterols, and resveratrol may protect against cancer.

“Eat one 28g [1oz] serving of nuts a day. Always choose unflavoured, plain nuts as flavoured nuts contain seasonings, salt, honey, and/or sugar.”

Published at Thu, 04 Jun 2020 09:02:00 +0000