Iain Dale hits out at ‘irresponsible’ race riot claims and sparks fiery row with Sky host

Iain Dale hits out at ‘irresponsible’ race riot claims and sparks fiery row with Sky host

During an interview on Sky News with Times Columnist Jenni Russell, Mr Dale claimed she was being irresponsible by claiming there were race riots in London. Following the interview, Mr Dale also took to his Twitter to complain about the question and language used by Sky News’ Adam Boulton and the pair began trading digs. Ms Russell said: “What Boris Johnson is trying to do in talking about the risk to the Churchill statues at the moment is to divert all those voters who put their faith in him.

“Divert them away from the fact that we have got a plunging economy, a poorly mishandled pandemic and now race riots on the streets.

“He is trying to make them think, this man is our chap nevermind how incompetent he is, he stands for our values.

“Of course he is doing that, he has studied and Dominic Cummings has studied the very successful populist playbooks.”

Mr Boulton then asked Mr Dale for his final verdict on Ms Russell’s comments.

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Mr Dale said: “Loose language from Jenni.

“We have not got race riots on the streets we have violence at the fringes of demonstrations.

“The more you talk up these things the more they will happen.”

Ms Russell then attempted to argue back but the Sky News host insisted they were out of time and cut away.

Mr Dale and Mr Boulton later clashed on Twitter as the pair argued on the use of language describing the demonstrations in the UK.

Mr Dale posted a video of him being asked by Mr Boulton if Boris Johnson was attempting to stoke a culture war.

In the caption, Mr Dale wrote: “So Adam Boulton asked me if Boris is stoking a culture war, and Jenni Russell says we are in the middle of race riots.

“Utterly irresponsible, the more you talk these things up, the more society is divided and the more likely they are to happen.”

Mr Boulton replied to this Tweet and said: “It is not good etiquette to try to shame other broadcasters.

“It is not utterly irresponsible to ask a question to which you had ample opportunity to reply.”

Mr Dale hit back: “I wasn’t shaming you.

“I regarded it as a totally ridiculous and irresponsible question so I said so.

“No need to be so sensitive, If I ask a damn fool question I can’t complain if I get a kickback, and I don’t. “

Published at Mon, 15 Jun 2020 12:52:00 +0000