Ian Blackford shamed as Boris hits back at SNP sniping ‘You want border at BERWICK’

Ian Blackford shamed as Boris hits back at SNP sniping ‘You want border at BERWICK’

Ian Blackford’s logic was questioned as Boris Johnson noted the SNP want a border at Berwick. It comes as he is facing calls to apologise for sharing a tweet including an expletive encouraging people not to travel to Scotland. The Prime Minister hit out at accusations the Tory Government aren’t investing in the NHS despite huge funding increases.

Speaking in the Commons, Mr Blackford asked: “The harsh reality is the Prime Minister doesn’t pay NHS care staff the real living wage and he wants to block many of them from working here at all.

“We need an immigration system that is fit for purpose.

“The Home Secretary and the Prime Minister seem hell-bent on inputting a purely ideological immigration policy with no basis and fairness of economics.

“This Government has talked about giving back to our NHS and care staff well, it’s time for the Prime Minister to deliver.

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“People migrating to these nations and choosing to work must have this cruel NHS surcharge removed immediately.

“Will the Prime Minister make that pledge today?”

Mr Johnson hit back: “First of all, he mentions the living wage and this is the party which introduced the living wage and has recently increased it by a massive amount.

“Secondly, this is the party that is putting massive investment into the NHS, the most in modern times and we will continue with that.

“He talks about discriminatory policies at the border, the logic of his policies is to have a border at Berwick!”

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Published at Wed, 20 May 2020 11:40:00 +0000