‘I’m fed up!’ Furious Blackford explodes at Tory jeering as he’s branded ‘self-indulgent’

‘I’m fed up!’ Furious Blackford explodes at Tory jeering as he’s branded ‘self-indulgent’

Jacob Rees-Mogg has introduced plans to end remote voting in Parliament, which was introduced to enable social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Leader of the House of Commons justified the idea, claiming that total numbers on the estate “will not increase significantly”, with MPs’ staff continuing to work from home. However, the debate ground to a halt when SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford flew off the handle at the Government over jeering from Tory MPs.

Mr Blackford interrupted his speech to say: “I’m getting a little bit fed up of the remarks which are coming from opposite about this being indulgent.

“I’ll tell you what’s being indulgent.

“It’s MPs being dragged here when we know that the hybrid system workers.

“It’s MPs being risked being disenfranchised by the Government. That’s what’s self-indulgent.”

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He continued: “When MPs are shielding and unable to travel to Parliament, we’re experiencing a democratic deficit of the UK Government.

“I believe it is wholly wrong that we can be in this position.

“I hope we can achieve a resolution that will see us return to a hybrid Parliament that will allow all our colleagues to participate.

“We should be in a position that we can do our jobs and protect everyone else by staying at home, by doing the right thing.”

Mr Blackford added: “This is ludicrous and a waste of our time.

“I’m sure our constituents would wish us to use our time more effectively.

“The House of Lords will soon have a remote voting system in place.

“For what reason, is this the case for one chamber but not the other?

“We know that asymptomatic carriers of this disease are the silent spreaders of this pandemic.”

Published at Tue, 02 Jun 2020 23:05:00 +0000