‘I’m incredibly sorry’ Matt Hancock red-faced as Nick Robinson shows him VERY awkward clip

‘I’m incredibly sorry’ Matt Hancock red-faced as Nick Robinson shows him VERY awkward clip

Matt Hancock suffered an embarassing grilling as he was forced to watch a video of himself breaking the Government’s own coronavirus advice. BBC host Nick Robinson had pointed out people’s willingness to follow social distancing rules may deplete if they thought it was different rules for different people. The Health Secretary, who had placed his hand on a colleague’s back, apologised for the mistake and reminded viewers of the importance of following guidelines.

He said: “It was totally natural, and this just shows how difficult social distancing is. I know these rules inside out.

“I hadn’t seen my colleague for weeks and I really like him so I walked up.

“Then, as you can see, we thought ‘oh hold on’ and immediately corrected ourselves.

“All I do is say that I’m incredibly sorry for this momentary breach.”

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Mr Hancock continued: “It’s because I’m human. We’re all human.

“I’m no less determined to follow the rules because of a momentary breach.”

Currently the Government advises people from different households should remain two metres away from each other when in vicinity.

Boris Johnson is believed to be considering reducing the social distancing limit from 2m to 1m. 

Mr Hancock said: “The people we tested data is harder to get than the number of tests.

“It’s a measure of whether its the first time somebody’s been tested.

“So somebody could have been tested a long time ago, and then re-tested.

“I want to get these statistics right.

“Therefore we’re not prepared to publish statistics unless we’re comfortable with them and confident they are accurate.”

Published at Sun, 21 Jun 2020 10:14:00 +0000