iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review – Just when you thought the iPad couldn’t get any better

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review – Just when you thought the iPad couldn’t get any better

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

When Apple unveiled its updated iPad Pro model back in March, it wasn’t the supercharged processor or new LiDAR scanner that caught people’s eye… it was the new keyboard accessory. In almost every image of its new tablet, Apple fitted the device with the stunning keyboard accessory – which makes the iPad Pro appear to float above the keys.

And now, one month after the new iPad Pro models launched worldwide, Apple has started to ship the eye-catching new accessory.

Here is our in-depth review…

First of all, let’s get the bad news out of the way – the Magic Keyboard for the 12.9-inch version of the iPad Pro is stupendously expensive. Adding it to your online shopping basket costs a hefty £349. To put that into perspective, that’s the same price as the entry-level iPad.

If that cost doesn’t give your credit card heart palpitations, there are so many things to love about this awesome new Apple accessory. Until you’ve had it in your hands it’s really hard to convey just how well-built it is.

Unlike most keyboard cases, which wobble around like jelly in turbulence, the new Magic Keyboard is so rigid you can easily use it on your desk or lap without any issues.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard features backlit keys (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

The design team in Cupertino deserve a slap on the back for the way the iPad Pro clips so neatly into the case. Ludicrously strong magnets snap the tablet in place every time and once inside the Magic Keyboard, you never feel as though your expensive tablet is going to come unstuck.

Once the serious work is done and you want to remove your tablet for some reading or Apple Arcade, apply a small amount of pressure in the right place and, hey presto, out it pops – the whole thing a design masterpiece.

Once you’re all clipped in, you’ll find a clever cantilevered design allows the iPad to magically float above the keyboard and, like a laptop, you’re free to tilt the display to any angle between 90 and 130 degrees.

Of course, the whole point of a keyboard case is that it allows you to bash out emails, messages, and your next essay without needing to touch the screen.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

The Magic Keyboard also protects the tablet (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Apple already has its origami-like Smart Keyboard Folio, which launched alongside the original Pro back in 2018, but the Magic Keyboard truly ups the ante. First, the inclusion of scissor mechanism keys means typing feels far more like a traditional laptop. Using these keys offers a satisfying tap as you punch each letter and makes using this full-sized keyboard an absolute joy.

In comparison, the Butterfly mechanism-style keys found on the Smart Keyboard Folio don’t offer the same MacBook-like typing experience.

When the lights get low, the Magic Keyboard will now treat you to glowing backlit keys so you can keep on working long into the night. Finally, there’s the addition of very good trackpad which, combined with the new iPadOS 13.4 software, brings the ability to move a cursor and interact with the screen without needing to touch it.

It’s worth noting that this is not the fabulous Force Touch technology found on the Apple’s MacBook range, but the firm has still managed to make sure you can click anywhere on this trackpad, which is good.

The whole experience the Magic Keyboard offers really is really first class. We’ve been using it for days on end and it’s easily as good as any keyboard found on a traditional laptop form-factor.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard has a cantilever design (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Having the in-built trackpad is also a very welcomed addition and really makes the iPad feel far more than just an expensive tablet. One final feature worth mentioning is the extra USB-C charging port in the case. Tucked neatly at the rear, it allows you to refill the Pro – via pass through charging – whilst keeping the built-in USB-C port free for other accessories like memory sticks or external displays.

When you’re done for the day, the case folds up neatly and offers full protection for both front and back of the tablet. It also disables the microphones for anyone worried about security.

There’s no question the Magic Keyboard is an absolute joy to use and adds an extra dimension to this already brilliant tablet.

However, we do have some niggles.

Unlike the Smart Folio case already available in the Apple Store, you can’t flip the Magic Keyboard around when you don’t want to be faced with a keyboard. That means it has to be fully detached if you want to use the Pro as a tablet.

It’s also pretty heavy and once combined with the iPad it actually weighs more than a MacBook Air. There’s also no function keys, which is a real shame as it would’ve been nice to dim the screen, pause music and adjust the volume without touching the display – or searching around with the mouse.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

Some might also be highly annoyed that the escape button hasn’t made an appearance on the Magic Keyboard as this can be really useful for all manner of applications.

Finally, Apple hasn’t made it very easy to dim those backlit keys at night. Admittedly, the clever ambient technology automatically adjusts the brightness depending on how light it is in the room but if you do want to change things manually you have to dig deep into numerous and very random settings.

It’s no deal breaker but it’s very unlike Apple to have made something so simple so unnecessarily complicated.

We guess our final point is – does anyone really need this £349 case?

Unfortunately, that’s a question really only you can answer. There’s not an ounce of doubt this case improves the overall productivity of the iPad Pro and, if you want the ultimate keyboard for your tablet, this is leaps ahead of anything that has gone before it.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

You can charge the tablet via the Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

But, if you were hoping this case would mean you can pack up your MacBook for good – think again. Although Apple has made huge advancements with its iPad Pro hardware, accessories like the Magic Keyboard, and iPadOS software, there are still things that are much harder to do on an iPad than a MacBook.

Since we received the Magic Keyboard we’ve tried hard to use it as our full-time machine, but have often found ourselves reverting back to our laptop.

Apple doesn’t say it wants its tablets to replace the MacBook range, but then again, it is advertising the Magic Keyboard with the tagline “Your next computer is not a computer”. However, if you’re already able to use your iPad as your main computer then Apple’s new Magic Keyboard offers hands-down the best laptop-style experience money can buy for the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review (Image: EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS)

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard review: Final Verdict

If you have an iPad Pro and want the best keyboard in town, you will absolutely love this accessory. There’s no doubt it’ll totally change the way you use your tablet with the scissor keys and trackpad offering a brilliant typing experience.

The design and build quality is impeccable and the fact that it enables pass through charging and uses the magnets inside the tablet to stay firmly in-place is undeniably cool.

If money is no object and you’re desperate for your iPad to feel more like a laptop then you won’t be disappointed with Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

However, if you’re wondering if this can become your sole device then think carefully before you buy. For all its greatness the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard simply won’t replace your laptop just yet.

Published at Sun, 26 Apr 2020 06:00:00 +0000