‘It was only advice’ Dr Hilary rejects blanket elderly lockdown as he issues stark warning

‘It was only advice’ Dr Hilary rejects blanket elderly lockdown as he issues stark warning

‘s Dr Hilary Jones said the Government had only ever “advised” elderly Britons to self-isolate but conceded no blanket order was in place for the over-70s to stay home. Confusion arose during the weekend after reports suggested older citizens may be required to extend their lockdown by a further 12 weeks to keep them from catching the novel coronavirus. Commenting on a statement from Health Secretary Matt Hancock from March, the GMB contributor said: “He used the word advice

“It was always advice, it was always guidance for over-70s to protect themselves.”

But Dr Hilary also warned about the “stark” statistics facing elderly Britons as the outbreak continues to rage across the country.

He continued: “Look, the stark statistics are these. If you are admitted to hospital with COVID-19, your mortality is roughly equivalent to your age.

“So, if you are over 70, your mortality could be 70 percent. That is why the Government has always said, ‘we advise you, our guidance is for you to stay home and stay safe’.”

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Baroness Ros Altmann warned the Government the elderly may choose to ignore any new restrictive measure after seven weeks of lockdown.

She said: “If they are fit and healthy and need to get out for their own physical health then the idea that the government will tell them you are under house arrest while everybody else is out, and force them into solitary confinement.

“I think they wouldn’t accept it.”

In the coming week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will be unveiling his plan to start lifting the restrictions to help return the UK to a state of normality.

Michael Gove has warned however the Government will be opting for a “phased” approach to avoid a second wave of the virus.

Mr Gove said: “A phased approach is one which allows us to monitor the impact that those changes are having on public health.

“And – if necessary, in a specific and localised way – that means that we can pause or even reintroduce those restrictions that might be required in order to deal with localised outbreaks.”

Published at Mon, 04 May 2020 06:57:00 +0000