‘It’s Stalinist!’ Tory MP in furious GMB outburst over forced removal of statues across UK

‘It’s Stalinist!’ Tory MP in furious GMB outburst over forced removal of statues across UK

The Conservative MP raged at the forced removal of the Bristol statue as he conceded the UK must engage on an educational debate about controversial figures. A large crowd attending a Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday toppled a monument to Bristol benefactor Edward Colston over his links to the slave trade, sparking controversy over the action. Asked whether he could understand the motives for the forced removal, Mr Halfon told Good Morning Britain (GMB): “I utterly opposed to people tearing down statues.

The statue of Edward Colston was removed from its monument and thrown into Bristol harbour after years of locals calling on the council to remove it.

Colston’s statue was fished out of the river on Thursday to be hosed down and later be placed in a museum.

The forced removal sparked additional protests around the UK, with demonstrators demanding monuments to controversial figures are either removed or provided with a plaque providing contextual information about their actions.

Oxford came to a standstill on Tuesday as students and locals blocked the high street to urge Oxford College to agree to the removal of a statue to colonialist mining magnate Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College.

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The Council said they would take into account the differing views on Baden-Powell and involve the community and relevant groups to decide the future of the statue.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on Tuesday confirmed the statue of slave trader Robert Milligan had been removed.

Mr Khan wrote on Twitter: “The statue of slave trader Robert Milligan has now been removed from West India Quay.

“It’s a sad truth that much of our wealth was derived from the slave trade – but this does not have to be celebrated in our public spaces.”

Published at Thu, 11 Jun 2020 07:18:00 +0000