Jake Paul delivers chilling knockout of Tyron Woodley after surviving cut in rematch

Jake Paul delivers chilling knockout of Tyron Woodley after surviving cut in rematch

Say what you want about Jake Paul but the YouTuber-turned-boxer has dynamite in his gloves as he delivered a chilling sixth-round knockout of Tyron Woodley that left him flat out on the canvas. Tommy Fury may have withdrawn from the bout but Paul was still using this as a chance to make it clear he wants to be taken seriously in the world of boxing.

It was a brutal right hook that closed the show as Woodley dropped his guard before being dropped himself as a clubbing shot to the jaw laid him out cold.

In truth, this was a fight that threatened to disappoint after the former UFC star stepped in on just two weeks notice.

Paul had offered the additional incentive of a $500,000 bonus if Woodley was able to knock his opponent out but that never appeared likely to happen.

The victor did have to battle through a nasty gash though, sustained via an accidental clash of heads in the early stages of the fight.

After a rough and ready opening round, Paul started to let fly in Round 2, when he looked to set up the big, looping overhand right.

Woodley appeared to be falling into the same traps as he did in the first fight, letting Paul get in on the inside as he looked to grapple his rival.

In the third, Paul was then cut following an ‘accidental elbow’ in the view of the referee as Woodley literally smelt blood as he watched it seep down the YouTube sensation’s forehead.

It appeared to be the wake up call Woodley needed as he backed up Paul but replays later showed it was in fact a clash of heads that caused the wound.

Woodley was then given a firm warning in the fourth when it appeared to virtually dump tackle Paul to the canvas, he was now the aggressor in the fight.

The crowd then started to boo in the fifth and they were clearly disappointed with the way the main event was panning out.

Paul and Woodley continued to wrestle, as the pair clashed heads in Round 5 before being separated by the referee, who said: “Are we gunna fight?”

“This is pretty tough to watch to be honest with you,” was the line from the commentator as the pair attempted to trade leather in the sixth. What happened next was about to send shockwaves throughout the arena.

Paul saw an opening a landed a flush right hook to Woodley’s jaw. The 39-year-old went over like a tree. There was no getting up.

Medics soon rushed to his attention as the referee waved the clash off, there was not even the need for a count.

While the fight threatened to stink the place out, Paul once again showed that he must be taken seriously as he made it four KO victories from five professional wins.

It’s easy to see why many within the world of boxing feel Tommy Fury would be taking a major risk in dancing with Paul. He has everything to lose and not much to gain…

Published at Sun, 19 Dec 2021 05:57:00 +0000