James Martin storms off after Eamonn Holmes’ This Morning demand: ‘Go and get it!’

James Martin storms off after Eamonn Holmes’ This Morning demand: ‘Go and get it!’

James Martin was back cooking for the This Morning team, but before his segment, presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes crossed over to find out what he was making. The television chef was amping up a fish finger sandwich, but in order to appease Eamonn, James needed to change the bread he was using, and after Eamonn asked for a specific type, James jokingly stormed off camera in a bid to search for it. 

“We’re going to be celebrating the nation’s love of retro food -“ Ruth began. 

But Eamonn interrupted: “It’s not the nation’s love, it’s my love!” 

“We did a whole thing last week, with the nation’s love of retro food. But yours was, in particular, cod balls,” Ruth explained to viewers. 

Her husband argued: “It started with me, talking about retro food. I’m bringing back the seventies.” 

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“Anyway, we were talking about it and you loved the Birds Eye fish balls,” Ruth continued. 

“So James Martin today, has done something especially for you! Haven’t you James!” 

“Well, if you want to put it like that – yes,” the chef replied. 

“Fish finger sandwich! And then following that with a classic Charlotte Russe. We’re going to be doing a cherry one later on.” 

“I’ll get a bid of white sliced bread,” James said, clearly realising Eamonn wouldn’t be impressed with his initial recipe. 

“That’s it! Go out and get a pan loaf!” Eamonn laughed. “Thank you!” 

James was seen walking off out of the view of the camera with his head down, joking as he went to find the bread of Eamonn’s choice.

Later in the show, James proved to Eamonn he had done as he was asked: “Look I’ve got your white sliced bread ready!”

James then got on with cooking the dish, showing viewers step by step what they had to do to recreate it at home. 

He made two versions – one slightly fancier for Ruth and the other a little more pared back for Eamonn. 

“Ruth, this one’s named after you – sweet, delicate and refined,” James said, holding up the fish finger sandwich which was in a toasted brioche bun, with a watercress salad and tartare mayonnaise dressing. 

James then picked up the second plate and jokingly said: “This one’s named after your husband – a bit chunky and a bit thick!” In reference to the fish finger sandwich in thick white bread with ketchup.

Published at Mon, 27 Jul 2020 10:53:00 +0000