Janet Street-Porter preparing for operation after skin cancer diagnosis

Janet Street-Porter preparing for operation after skin cancer diagnosis

Speaking on today’s edition of Loose Women, Janet told the panel and viewers at home she found out she had a basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer, and was due to have it removed but the lockdown postponed the operation. The 73-year-old explained she originally thought the bump on her nose was a mosquito bite but went to the doctor to check.

She explained: “I showed this tiny spot on my nose to a dermatologist and he immediately referred me to a consultant and they said I’ve got a basel cell carcinoma, which is a form of skin cancer.

“If untreated it could grow. It has to be removed otherwise it’s going to get bigger and bigger.

“Also, I could be left with a very big scar.

“I was about to have it removed then lockdown happened three days before I was supposed to have it removed.”

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“And to all those who’ve been waiting for medical procedures during lockdown.”

Later on in the show, Janet revealed she is still “fearful” of an abusive ex-partner.

Janet did not name the ex-partner but opened up to the panel about her experience as she praised supermarkets for coming up with a code to help those who are victims of abuse.

Supermarket staff are introducing a code word that a victim can use and they will be taken to a room where appropriate action can be taken.

Janet commented: “While I think this is all a very good idea… The idea of going into a supermarket and being so distraught anyway, they have to find the room, it’s a bit like the smoking room, is it a special room that someone has a key to?

“I know I sound cynical but you can imagine a situation where someone is absolutely at their wits end and then they were going through a series of members of staff.

“What we really need are highly trained experts and people who have done the proper training to help us out of that situation.”

Janet added: “When I was in an abusive relationship I did not discuss it with anyone, because I realised I had made a complete fool of myself, you are paralysed.

“You might have the number on your supermarket till but then it’s like telling more people what a mess you’ve made of things, you do blame yourself.”

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Published at Tue, 23 Jun 2020 13:20:00 +0000