Jo Swinson elected new Lib Dem leader with vow to thwart Brexit and keep UK shackled to EU

Jo Swinson elected new Lib Dem leader with vow to thwart Brexit and keep UK shackled to EU

The Liberal Democrats announced the new leader of their party as Ms Swinson at 4pm this afternoon, after the results of the postal ballot were announced. The former deputy leader of the party beat Sir Ed Davey in a head-to-head race, having secured 47,900 votes against 28,021 for Sir Davey, on at 72% turnout, it was announced at a party event in central London. Over 2,500 people tuned in to the Liberal Democrats live Facebook feed, where they announced Ms Swinson’s victory and in her victory speech she said she was “ready for the fight of our lives”.

In her first speech as leader of the party, Ms Swinson said her leadership rival, Sir Davey, was an “exceptional minister” and she said she is “proud to call Ed a friend”. 

The new leader also said he will be “central” to “our team”.

Ms Swinson was the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats and is leading the Lib Dems in the People’s Vote campaign.

She joined the party at the age of 17 and by 25 was the youngest member of the House of Commons, having become the first ever Liberal Democrat to represent East Dunbartonshire, her home constituency.

She lost her seat in 2015 and went on to set up her own business and write a book before regaining her seat in Parliament in 2017She strongly advocates that the Economy must work for the planet and people.

She has worked for environmental initiatives and has taken to the streets with Extinction Rebellion in London.

Ms Swinson has previously attacked Brexiteers and slammed the democratic decision to leave in shocking remarks.

She attacked Leave voters while speaking to Andrew Marr in June, adding: “Brexiteers cannot even agree among themselves, even now, what Brexit means.

“That’s why it needs to go back to the people with a people’s vote.”

In a blog post on the official Liberal Democrat website, Ms Swinson claimed that the EU made Britain greener, safer, more open and more prosperous.

Sir Davey was the former Energy and Climate Change Secretary and is the MP for Kingston and Surbiton, having served as an MP in this area from 1997-2015 and again from 2017.

Mr Davey is also home affairs spokesman and has been since 2017.

He was endorsed by several peers, MEPs and former MPs, including William Wallace, Caroline Voaden and Chris Davies.

In an poll, 60 percent of readers said they did not know who they wanted as the new leader.

23 percent voted for Ed Davey, and just 17 percent backed Jo Swinson.

The previous leader, Sir Vince Cable, announced he would be stepping down as party leader on 24 May 2019.

On May 24, the day after the UK took to the polls in the European elections, the Liberal Democrat leadership election formally began.

Originally there were several candidates discussed as potential leadership candidates including Tom Brake, Alistair Carmichael, Norman Lamb, Christine Jardine and Layla Moran.

But they declined to stand, leaving just Ed Davey and Jo Swinson as the main contenders to take over the remain-backing party.

Published at Mon, 22 Jul 2019 15:02:00 +0000