John Bercow ‘let rip’ at Lindsay Hoyle while deputy ‘they had fractured relationship’

John Bercow ‘let rip’ at Lindsay Hoyle while deputy ‘they had fractured relationship’

Love him or loathe him, John Bercow made his mark on British politics during his decade in The Speaker’s chair. Since leaving office, the 57-year-old has published controversial autobiography Unspeakable. In the book, Bercow revealed very candidly what he really thought of major figures from his premiership, from David Cameron to Theresa May.

Now the first biography of the former Speaker’s time in office is published this week and attempts to get to grips with the real man and his impact on politics and those around him.

The book praises his theatrical strengths but is also not afraid to reveal his warts and all.

Speaking exclusively with, John Bercow: Call to Order author Sebastian Whale unveiled the truth behind the Speaker’s relationship with his replacement Lindsay Hoyle.

Politicos will know that the Labour MP was Bercow’s Deputy for the majority of his tenure.

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Whale added: “And someone told me the only one he felt he could trust was Rosie Winterton.”

Winterton was one of Bercow’s other deputies, having served in the role since June 2017.

She stood in the 2019 Speaker of the House of Commons election against Hoyle but wasn’t one of the favourites.

On Bercow and Hoyle, the author clarified: “So it was not a particularly harmonious relationship, but perhaps a professionally sound one.”

He added: “I don’t think they particularly liked each other.

“But professionally Lindsay was a Deputy Speaker for nine years before becoming Speaker.

“They made it work, but certainly I don’t think they were best friends. Not on each other’s Christmas card lists; let’s put it that way.”

John Bercow: Call To Order by Sebastian Whale is out now.

Published at Fri, 27 Mar 2020 13:25:00 +0000