John Cleese: How injured star demanded Juncker be HANGED amid Brexit backing

John Cleese: How injured star demanded Juncker be HANGED amid Brexit backing

Mr Cleese is known throughout the world as one of the nation’s greatest ever comedians, with his performances in shows such as ‘Fawlty Towers’ and ‘Monty Python’ earning him critical and commercial acclaim. And since becoming a star, Mr Cleese has continually been in the headlines – for a variety of reasons including politics and discussing divorcing his ex-wives. Most recently, the star revealed that last week he had surgery on a cancerous tumour which was on leg, but insisted he was fine.

Taking to Twitter, he told his five million followers: “Had a minor operation on Friday.

“A surgeon cut a small cancerous bit out of my leg. Very minor.

“At my age, this sort of thing happens about once a week.

“He did a beautiful job, sewed it up and said: ‘Tis but a scratch.’”

There was an outpouring of support for the 80-year-old actor, however he was once more brutal in his assessment of the European Union and its former president Mr Juncker.

Days before the UK voted to withdraw from the bloc in a historic referendum, Mr Cleese took aim at Mr Juncker by claiming the only way the EU could be saved was if Mr Juncker was “hanged”.

In a series of tweets surrounding the 2016 vote, Mr Cleese – a known supporter of the Liberal Democrats – addressed former leader Paddy Ashdown’s comments on why we should Remain.

Mr Cleese tweeted: “If I thought there was any chance of major reform in the EU, I’d vote to stay in. But there isn’t. Sad. Sorry, Paddy.”

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Mr Cleese’s wishes came true after the UK left the EU with a majority victory in the referendum.

And just years later, Mr Juncker left his position within the EU Commission.

However, Brexit remains a matter firmly on the lips of those within Government, as negotiations on the UK’s continues to dominate discussions with the EU.

Currently, the UK is poised to leave the bloc’s trade deals on December 31, after leaving formally on January 31.

This has led to desperate trade talks to ensure a deal is struck before then, but if no plan is met, the UK will be in a no deal scenario and trade on terms set by the World Trade Organisation.

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