John Lennon: Why Elvis Presley hated The Beatles star from the moment they met

John Lennon: Why Elvis Presley hated The Beatles star from the moment they met

John Lennon was known for his incisive sense of humour and got into hot water for his sharp tongue on more than one occasions. And it seems Elvis Presley was hardly a fan of The Beatles legend, who angered him within minutes of them meeting.

According to author Chris Hutchins, who was good friends with both parties, Elvis took an instant dislike to John upon their first meeting.

The writer recalled taking The Beatles to Graceland to meet the King during their 1965 US summer tour.

According to Hutchins, the rock ’n’ roll icon wasn’t a fan of the anti-war sentiments held by the British musician.

“His dislike of the pacifist Beatle was born from the night I took the Fab Four to his house for their first — and last — meeting,” he told the Daily Mail in 2011.


The tension was only broken when he ordered for guitars to be brought in to the room.

“They all started jamming and that is when the part took off,” Tony remembered.

“With words, they didn’t have much to say. But as soon as they got into the music the conversation began to spark.”

The band were reportedly a little underwhelmed by their meeting with the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, despite the fact he was so influential to their own sound as a group.

John even made a jibe about the conversation, according to Tony, who recalled: “John said it had been about as exciting as meeting Engelbert Humperdinck.

“Someone else wondered if Elvis was stoned out of his mind and George Harrison just said, ‘Aren’t we all?’”

In Elvis and US, Tony also noted the threat The Beatles posed to Elvis’ career, saying: “When The Beatles first went to the States, it was like they were going to the Holy Land, and Elvis was their greatest idol.

“But I don’t think it worked the other way — if anyone had anything to fear from The Beatles, it was Elvis.

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