Julie Bartlett’s easy stretches to stay fit and flexible at home

Julie Bartlett’s easy stretches to stay fit and flexible at home

So the Daily Express has teamed up with award-winning fitness coach Julie Bartlett to bring you some beneficial exercises. If you have been following Julie’s routines, you will have been working on your strength and your aerobic fitness. Now it is time to work on your flexibility and stiffness. Please watch the short descriptive videos before participating and you will see the different stretches.

If you have any medical conditions or restrictions, please check with your doctor before participating.

Julie says: “Stretching is so good for our bodies and following a routine every day helps keep your muscles flexible and strong. Stretching can improve posture, reduce tightness and even help you to relax. I love to stretch at the end of each day in front of the TV and others love to start the day with a stretch. Do what you can, when you can.

You won’t need any fancy equipment and there is no need to change into fitness wear.

Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds and do what feels right for your body. Some of the stretches are more dynamic (with movement) so flow slowly into the positions shown and hold on the last repetition for 20 seconds. Start easy and increase the stretches as you become more flexible.

Remember to warm up first.

You can do Julie’s easy-to-follow stretches day by day or collect all the exercises and build them into a longer workout 

Find more exercises and tips juliebartlett.me/hub


This is a great all-over stretch for the upper and lower body 

1 Kneel down on the floor or, if you prefer, you can do this stretch standing with your hands resting on the back of a high chair. Reach forward with both arms along the ground and sit back on your heels, moving your hips towards your heels. Feel a lovely stretch from your arms, across your shoulders and down both sides of your body. Hold for 20-30 seconds 

2 Place your left arm over to your left side and place your right hand on top. Reach over with your arms and aim to push your bottom over to your right side.

3 Transfer over to your right side with your arms, placing your left hand on top of your right hand. Push your bottom over to your left side as you reach with your arms to the right.

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