Just bought a Galaxy S20? You won’t like this Samsung news one bit

Just bought a Galaxy S20? You won’t like this Samsung news one bit

The all-new Galaxy S20 from Samsung arrived in stores back in March with this new range of devices boasting numerous improvements over its S10 predecessor. The S20 gets a faster processor, improved camera, a 120Hz silky smooth screen and access to the latest 5G data speeds.

There’s clearly plenty to like about the Galaxy S20 and we wouldn’t have criticised anyone who rushed out on launch day to buy one.

However, if you are an early adopter you’re not going to like this latest news one bit. Some stores, including John Lewis, have already begun slashing the price of the Galaxy S20 with prices dropping by a considerable amount.

If you’d purchased the standard non-5G ready S20 on the day it was released this phone would have set you back £799. However, you can currently pop this flagship in your pocket for just £679 – that’s a huge saving of £120.

Things get even worse if you opted for the 5G S20 with this now cut by £130 to £769.

These low prices include the 128GB model with all colours, such as Cloud Blue, Cosmic Grey and Cloud Pink, included as part of the promotion.

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If you went all out and bought the S20 Ultra then there is better news as this premium flagship, which gets a bigger screen and quad rear camera with 100X Space Zoom, hasn’t been dropped in price with things still starting from £1,119.

Express.co.uk recently reviewed the S20 Ultra and you can check out what we think of this device here.

There’s no word on why this S20 price cut has come so soon but it could be an initiative to help drive sales.

As revealed in a recent post by SamMobile, Samsung’s estimated global shipments for the most recent quarter are down 19 per cent year-on-year.

In the first three months of 2020, the smartphone industry shrunk by approximately 55.6million shipments.

The stats, which come via Strategy Analytics, indicate while Samsung saw year-on-year sales drop by 19 per cent, Huawei also saw an 18 per cent reduction.

The research also estimates OPPO saw an 11 per cent reduction while Apple saw a nine per cent fall.

Overall, Samsung’s market share fell from 21.7 per cent in the first quarter of last year to 21.2 per cent this year.

This is clearly a tough time for smartphone makers and maybe more will follow Samsung with price cuts their phones.

Published at Sun, 03 May 2020 06:00:00 +0000