Kate and Sophie Wessex told to step up for Queen to save Royal Family’s reputation

Kate and Sophie Wessex told to step up for Queen to save Royal Family’s reputation

And as the Queen continues her lockdown at Windsor Castle, the pair are likely to be seen more regularly together at events, until it’s safe for Her Majesty to be more involved. One insider said: “They really click as a team and aren’t afraid to show their feelings. People are charmed by them. “The fact is that they both had real lives before they became royal.

They were born in the real world, lived there and worked there. They seem very natural with people because they are natural in a way that their husbands or people born into the Royal Family could never be.”

Royal author Christopher Wilson said the pairing is exactly what the country needs.

“In the enforced absence of the Queen they are showing how the royals remain as strong as ever,” he said.

“Kate and Sophie represent the very best we can hope for in our royal women – and we look forward to seeing much more of them as a team.”

Kate, 38, was one of the “Fab Four” with husband William, Prince Harry and wife Meghan, who were once viewed as the future of the monarchy.

Mother-of-two Sophie, 55, married Prince Edward in 1999 after working in PR.

Last week, she and Kate teamed up for the Royal Family’s podcast tribute to nurses around the world to mark International Nurses’ Day.

The Queen, Charles, Camilla, William and Anne called nurses and health workers around the world to give thanks. And Sophie and Kate teamed up to call seven Commonwealth countries, with the Duchess at her Norfolk home, Anmer Hall, and the Countess speaking from Bagshot Park in Surrey.

In one exchange with British military medics in Cyprus, a male nurse talks about how his children back home are coping without school. He told the royal pair: “They’re doing well. My ex-wife’s a school teacher so she can keep them busy.”

As Kate started to say something, Sophie burst out laughing and said: “Be careful, be careful, she’s about to be recruited.”

And giggling Kate admitted: “I’d quite like her to come and help me.” Sophie and Kate dominated the five-minute broadcast and were an instant hit with more than half a million social media fans. 

One said: “Hope we see Kate and Sophie do more engagements together. They are lovely.” Another added: “Love Kate and Sophie.”

One courtier said: “Everyone had high hopes for Meghan but it wasn’t to be.

“Sophie, though, is a real treasure. When she works alongside Kate, nobody is worrying about rank or title. They look natural because they are natural. This is exactly what they are like in real life. It’s not an act.”

Royal author Margaret Holder believes Edward can step up too. She said: “His old insecurities are long behind him, in part due to Sophie. They are showing the united front the family needs.”


Dream team are a perfect match, says royal historian Christopher Wilson

What a dream team they turn out to be! The Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex put a new kick in the royal step this week with their appearance on the world video call to celebrate International Nurses Day.

Speaking unscripted, they made their message sound personal. They are showing how the Royals remain as strong as ever.

If things had been different it might have been Meghan, rather than Sophie, taking part. And at last the spotlight has turned on Sophie. She and Kate represent the best we can hope for in our Royal women – and we look forward to seeing much more of them as a team.

Published at Sun, 17 May 2020 12:08:00 +0000