Kate Garraway fights tears over ‘unbearable’ news Derek’s future is ‘incredibly uncertain’

Kate Garraway fights tears over ‘unbearable’ news Derek’s future is ‘incredibly uncertain’

Kate, 53, was on hand to present the news bulletin on Good Morning Britain, alongside hosts Piers Morgan, 55, and Susanna Reid, 50. Sat with her ITV colleagues, the mother-of-two explained how she is feeling as the UK’s death rate from coronavirus continues to spike. Referring to her husband Derek’s, 53, recovery from the illness almost nine months on from being admitted to hospital, the journalist became extremely emotional.

The mother-of-two told her co-stars: “It’s been a strange time. I’ve been a bit low since Christmas, physically low.

“I felt slightly, physically at the end of my tether and kind of had to regroup a bit. This week, a friend of mine’s mother-in-law, who was 51, so younger than me died from COVID.

“She got it at Christmas – it’s making me feel emotional,” Kate said as she was seen trying to fight back the tears.

“And she just went down very quickly and she died. I just thought, ‘I cannot believe that here we are, so far on.’”

Turning to discussion about her husband, the journalist added: “Derek is still ravaged by the effects of COVID way back in March, his recovery is incredibly uncertain.”

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“I’m trying to look for new things and new ways and talking to doctors about what we can do for him,” Kate continued.

“Meanwhile, people are still dying in extraordinary numbers, people that aren’t older, that haven’t got underlying conditions and it is just unbearable.

“People like you Piers and you Susanna say all the time, ‘You’re an inspiration to keep going’. I don’t think that I am.”

Referring to a new book she is releasing later this year about her ordeal over the past year, the journalist added: “But if I can tell my story and some of the people who have helped me then maybe that will be helpful for others.”


Susanna replied: “What I think is so inspiring about you, Kate, is that we know the hell you’re going through but you still turn up [to work].”

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their thoughts with the journalist as one wrote: “Well done Kate for your continued positivity and hope. As Susanna said you really are an inspiration.”

Another added: “Such an inspirational woman Kate Garraway is. She amazes me and gives hope to so many.

“Her strength determination, dedication towards the recovery of husband Derek is second to none. A wonderful interview this morning, giving hope to so many,” they continued.

Whilst a third commented: “Oh Kate, you amazing woman. You are one of the strongest ladies I have ever seen.”

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“I’m not a religious person but I pray for you and Derek. I wish you all the love in the world,” the viewer declared.

“Kate you are just wonderful, thoughts as always with you and your family,” a fourth fan wrote on the social media platform.

Kate’s appearance on the show on Thursday came just hours after it was announced she would be releasing a tell-all book about the journey she and her family have gone through since the pandemic began.

Entitled the Power of Hope, the journalist explained she hoped it would offer some solace to those who are going through the same situation or have suffered as a result of the COVID crisis.

Taking to Instagram for the first time since in two weeks, Kate told her 971,000 followers she has been “taking time to gather herself” as the new lockdown began.

“The pandemic is far from over and so is Derek’s journey but I have decided to share our story,” the journalist wrote.

“And what’s helping to keep me going, as we all try to work out what our new futures will look like,” she added.

The mother-of-two has not been able to see her husband since the latest measures were brought in as the hospitals across the country stopped families from visiting to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

Published at Fri, 22 Jan 2021 00:00:00 +0000