Kate heartbreak: Duchess of Cambridge left waving fists in disappointment on latest visit

Kate heartbreak: Duchess of Cambridge left waving fists in disappointment on latest visit

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge had to accept defeat after her claw crane skills failed to secure her a plush toy. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tested out their arcade abilities during a surprise visit to Barry Island on Wednesday in a bid to help the British travel industry recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Kate was spotted trying her hand at a claw machine but could only wave her fists in disappointed after the toy she grabbed slipped out of the claws. 

The Duchess of Cambridge appeared really proud of herself after she managed to secure a soft toy with, going as far as giving herself two thumbs up for the accomplishment.

But the pride soon turned into disappointment as the toy slipped from the claw.

However, Prince William was soon to join his wife in commiserating over their claw machine skills as he, too, failed to win one of the toys

The Duke and Duchess tried to keep the visit under wraps as long as possible to avoid crowds assembling outside of the arcade they were visiting.

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But footage from Barry Island showed some royal fans had spotted the couple and came together despite social distancing measures to greet the royals.

Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer said: “The royal visit was embargoed to try to stop crowds gathering but a few saw the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

“William and Kate also visited staff and residents at the Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, three months after entertaining them as virtual bingo callers during a video call from Anmer Hall.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been among the youngest members of the Royal Family to resume their public duties since the end of the lockdown.

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Following months spent helping boost morale with other members of the Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared more confident during the outing.

Body language expert Judy James told Express.co.uk: “Kate’s signature body language gesture is her dazzling, pitch-perfect smile, but as she masked-up to set an example on her visit yesterday she also illustrated the use of what are called compensatory gestures to make up for the fact that her mouth was hidden.”

“Interestingly, without her smile on display, Kate’s body language appeared to show raised levels of confidence as she seemed to feel it was up to her to take the lead in normalising the mood of the visit.

“The mouth smile is one of the most powerful signals we use and it provides a kind of non-verbal shorthand to create rapport and to look approachable and connected to other people.

“With the mouth covered from view, it’s important to re-design our body language as Kate is doing here to ensure all those positive expressions of emotion and empathy are still on display.”

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