Kate Middleton and William rare PDA pictures show ‘lockdown might have suited’ them

Kate Middleton and William rare PDA pictures show ‘lockdown might have suited’ them

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been working throughout lockdown, digitally and more recently resuming in-person duties. The pair appeared happy and relaxed together on the sunny day.

Judi claimed it seems lockdown might have actually been beneficial for the couple’s bond.

She said: “The body language of Kate and William here suggests lock-down might have suited both their relationship as a couple and as a royal team as they appear more relaxed and in-tune than ever before.”

In fact, they are touching one another and smiling at one another much more than in a typical outing.

“The couple’s strong mirroring traits have always given clues of a like-minded relationship but here they seem happy to use many more tie-sign gestures than usual, keeping in communication with and enjoying one another’s company via glances, shared smiles and actual touches to allow us to glimpse more open affection and closeness,” Judi said.

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Fans caught a glimpse of a playful Kate and William as they played games, letting lose and Kate showing her famous competitive side.

However, the Duchess doesn’t let this streak get in the way of supporting her other half.

“They both threw themselves into the arcade games with their usual, highly competitive behaviours but after Kate used a double-thumbs-up gesture of victory the crane dropped her prize and she performed this affectionate rib-clasp to signal support, steering and encouragement as William played,” Judi said.

“Her ‘rewarding’ rituals to William continued with the kind of smile a proud mum might use on her child, along with a partial hug and some eye contact and raised brows.”

This fun visit is a little different to William’s recent work on mental health, which included appearing on footballer Peter Crouch’s podcast.

Judi said: “William’s video link appearances and his mental health documentary have revealed some of his hidden skills as a performer and persuader, and the praise for his solo appearances seems to have allowed him to be more natural and more assertive here.

William is “clearly enjoying the fun of the amusement arcade and launching into the hilarious chat with the care home residents while Kate sits back using a one-handed preen gesture to suggest she’s proud of him.”

Bookies have recently adjusted the odds that Kate Middleton is pregnant, thinking an announcement ever more likely. 

Bookmaker Coral told Express.co.uk Prince William and Kate Middleton are odds on to have a fourth baby in the future.

These odds are currently at 1 – 2, royal baby fans will be thrilled to know.

The body language expert has previously given Express.co.uk her rundown of the top tips that tell us the Duchess might be with child. What are they?

Judi James said: “The best way to tell when she is pregnant is when she vanishes off the royal circular because she sadly suffers from severe morning sickness, so she does tend to vanish quite quickly,”

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