Kate Middleton hair: The Duchess rocks straight and glossy hairstyle in new appearance

Kate Middleton hair: The Duchess rocks straight and glossy hairstyle in new appearance

The Duchess of Cambridge has become well known for her fashionable and elegant style and her signature curly bouncy blow dry. Kate has rocked the bouncy curls so many times that it now has the nickname ‘The Chelsea Blow Dry’. Since the UK has been in lockdown, Kate has still been seen rocking her curls as she speaks to different people on her zoom calls. However in her most recent appearance The Duchess has decided to try a new hairstyle and opt for a more relaxed straight look.

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Cornwall worked together for a new video appearance where both of the royal ladies looked as elegant as ever.

The virtual call saw the pair thanking children’s hospices across the UK to mark Children’s Hospice Week.

Kate was seen wearing a beautiful green outfit while Camilla wore a classic blue blouse and blazer combination.

However, it was the Duchess’ hairstyle which drew the most attention as she sported a different hair look to usual, leaving it straight showing off the different layers in her hair.

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Kate still could have achieved this look with a hairdryer but instead of adding curls at the end, she left it straight and added some product to add some shine.

Hair health is key to a perfect blow dry and Kate’s shiny sleek hair is proof of that.

While the Duchess has been seen to rock many different hairstyles over the years since joining the royal family, her hairstyles always seem to incorporate curls into them.

Many fans also noticed that Kate was also sporting a much lighter hair look which had coppery undertones compared to her usual true brown.

However the Duchess did also reveal that she had been spending much more time at home with her children and so the lighter hair may be due to the sun lightening it.

During the call which saw the two Duchess’ together, they took the time to thank all of those who were involved in supporting children’s hospices across the UK during the coronavirus pandemic.

This was to mark Children’s Hospice Week 2020 where the royals discussed the care that hospice staff provide, and how children’s hospices are able to create a positive environment for children to make happy memories during these difficult times.

Another hairstyle that Kate has been seen rocking on her lockdown zoom calls is her hair pulled sleek into a ponytail.

To achieve Kate’s ponytail, it is best to start with one day old hair as this will control the fly aways. You then want to scrape the hair towards the back of your head and secure with a bobble.

Kate has opted for a low ponytail on several occasions but you can decide whereabouts you wish to place the bobble.

The Duchess has also been seen with her hair half up, half down. This is where you scrape the top section of your hair, starting at your ears and going towards the crown of your head.

You then want to secure the top part with a bobble and then curl the remaining hair lightly or leave it straight, depending on the look you wish to achieve, Kate has been seen rocking both.

Kate looks elegant with all of these hairstyles but ‘The Chelsea Blow Dry’ will always remain the Duchess’ signature hair look. 

Published at Mon, 22 Jun 2020 23:45:00 +0000