Kate Middleton has made a surprising change to royal jewellery during lockdown

Kate Middleton has made a surprising change to royal jewellery during lockdown

Kate Middleton and Prince William, 37, have both continued their work as senior royals during the coronavirus lockdown. During virtual videos, royal fans may have noticed a big change the Duchess of Cambridge has made with her jewellery.

As working members of the Royal Family, Kate and Prince William will regularly attend official engagements on behalf of the Queen.

In March this year, Britons were urged to stay inside as much as possible to help fight the coronavirus crisis.

While it is no longer business as usual, the Duke and Duchess have been making virtual visits using video calls.

When appearing on video, many royal enthusiasts have looked to Kate to see what she is wearing during this time.

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The Duchess of Cambridge has sported many pieces of stunning jewellery over the years and she has continued to do this while lockdown.

Although she has worn lavish royal jewels before, Kate has now opted for subtle looks, Kate Stacey, Head of Buying at Pure Collection told Express.co.uk.

She said: “Kate’s jewellery choices have been paired down during lockdown.

“She is sporting simple gold daytime earrings on her calls, over anything extravagant.


“Her jewellery choices are measured anyway, as is her trademark style, but I think she truly understands the UK mood – it is not a time for statement jewellery.”

While the mother-of-three has toned down her jewellery, she has still managed to make a statement with the pieces chosen.

Kate continued: “Jewellery is important, Kate chose to wear some elegant gold daytime earrings which really worked to compliment her tanned, glowing skin.”

While on calls, Kate has been commended for her outfits and has been seen in some bright and colourful looks.

The mother-of-three has paired these with her simple signature style, Kate suggested.

“Kate has remained a stickler for simple, well-cut items during her Zoom calls,” the expert continued.

“Keen observers of the Royal Family on Youtube will have noticed that Kate is wearing bright, cheery rainbow colours a lot.”

While video calls can only give a glimpse of the royal, she has used small details to ensure she still makes an impact.

“The Duchess of Cambridge has also opted for detailing around the neck and shoulders on many items too,” Kate explained.

“The Sandro cardigan is a good example of this, refined and not overly fussy it is classic Kate.

“The scalloped edge elevates the piece nicely, demonstrating it’s all in the details when dressing from the shoulders up.”

Published at Sat, 30 May 2020 03:00:00 +0000