Kate Middleton has ‘sensitive’ coded gestures for when her children throw a tantrum

Kate Middleton has ‘sensitive’ coded gestures for when her children throw a tantrum

With George, Charlotte and Louis to look after during any royal public appearance, one can only imagine how much preparation and education the three kids have to go through to remain as poised as their parents. But children will remain children as child development and parenting expert Dr Rebecca Chicot told The Sun.

Analysing the Cambridges’ body language with their children during official gatherings, the expert concedes: “It’s very hard for any parent to have to parent in public.”

Dr Chicot interprets Kate Middleton’s gestures towards her children as “sensitive” and “warm.”

“She seems to be good at making warm contact like a ‘touch to the head’ which is a nice connection,” she says.

“She gets down to their level to talk to them but lets them be children. She has a lovely balance of sensitivity and gentle boundaries.”

“She doesn’t expect them to behave like little adults and knows that children go through perfectly natural stages like tantrums.”

The Duchess even implemented a secret code with her kids.

When telling them “Let’s take a break”, she actually meant “calm down” which sounds much easier to say both in public and private space.

“This is called an authoritative style of parenting that is now encouraged,” says Dr Chicot.

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“When Charlotte was upset she got down to talk to her quietly. This shows firmness and warmth – neither cajoling nor getting angry,” said the parenting expert.

Although she is firm with her brood, Kate told a parent at the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre in London that her favourite part of being a mum was “getting hugs from her kids”, according to the Daily Mail.

Spending time outside in nature also seems to be part of Kate’s playbook to avoid tantrums.

Speaking on the podcast Happy Baby Happy Mum, she said: “As children, we spent a lot of time outside and it’s something I’m really passionate about.”

“I think it’s so great for physical and mental wellbeing and laying those foundations.”

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