Kate Middleton uses a very subtle sign of anxiety as a trick to look less royal

Kate Middleton uses a very subtle sign of anxiety as a trick to look less royal

Kate Middleton has now undertaken three in-person royal duties since lockdown sanctions began to ease. On Sunday, Kate visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn. On June 23 she visited a Norfolk children’s hospice called The Nook.

When she stands speaking to the group she appears to be using more emphatic hand gestures than usual and this would also help make communicating from a distance more effective.

Judi said: “Kate gives everyone an unassuming and subtle masterclass in post-lockdown body language here on her first in-person meetings for a while.

“With handshakes, hugs, touch and proximity off the menu most of us will be struggling to make the kind of social connections and rapport that could be so easy to achieve pre-pandemic.

“Kate managed to maintain expressions of warmth and relaxation during her on-line video visits though, and here she shows compensatory behaviour skills to keep connections going at the start of ‘The New Normal’.”

rapport with the public while maintaining social distancing.

The body language explained: “She seems to be face-checking the people she’s with to register intense interest and eye and well as ear-listening skills.

“Her smile looks ‘aimed’ at the children as though she wants to ensure a sense of relaxation and fun rather than anything formal and her pose when she’s sitting shows how to minimize a social distancing-size gap without actually getting closer.

“By leaning her torso forward she creates and intentional gesture that suggests she’d be across there sharing actual caring gestures with the parents and their baby, although the hand clasp also reassures them she’s not going to break any rules.

“These are virtual intimacy signals and we’re all going to need to use them to show warmth and affection but from a distance in future.”

During the visit Kate Middleton’s dress was a stunning purple floral print dress. 

It’s the Marie-Louise floral-print crepe midi dress and at the time of writing it is sold out in xs, and there is low stock in large and extra large.

She appeared to be wearing her £5 gold circular Accessorize earrings.

Published at Fri, 10 Jul 2020 03:01:00 +0000