Keir Starmer sparks outrage as he’s accused of breaking social distancing rules in pub

Keir Starmer sparks outrage as he’s accused of breaking social distancing rules in pub

The Labour leader was pictured alongside shadow business and consumer affairs minister Lucy Powell at the Brewdog Pub and Brewery in the City of London where they met staff to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector and how pubs and restaurants could operate under social distancing.

Less than two metres away from each other, indoors, no masks, all guidelines broken

Twitter user

But eagle-eyed social media users were quick to point out one image shared by the political on his social media showed Sir Keir apparently standing less than a metre away from a staff member despite the Government guidelines.

A Twitter user called Sarah said: “Less than two metres away from each other, indoors, no masks, all guidelines broken. No wonder the public don’t bother.

“As far as the public can see he’s breaking all the rules, that’s the example being set.”

Another wrote: “No mask, touching pump immediately after another person without cleaning it, great example to set.”

Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer has been accused of breaking social distancing rules (Image: PA)

The Government reduced social distancing from two metres to “one metre plus” from last Saturday as pubs, bars and restaurants were allowed to re-open for the first time since March 23.

But health chiefs are still urging people to keep two metres apart “where it is possible” as they try to ensure the country safely emerges from lockdown without sparking a second wave of coronavirus infections.

Sir Keir posted the picture on his official Twitter feed along with a caption praising BrewDog for its efforts during lockdown.

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Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer visited the BrewDog pub wioth shadow business minister Lucy Powell (Image: PA)

Keir Starmer

Social media users believe Keir Starmer failed to observe social distancing (Image: PA)

One social media user tweeted: “1m+ with mitigations. No mitigations there.”

Another said: “One metre distance rule and the three of you are breaking it.”

And another tweeted: “Definitely doesn’t look like 1m social distancing to me!”

Keir Starmer

Pubs are were allowed to re-open across England at the weekend (Image: PA)

Sir Keir had earlier attacked the Government for having its messaging “all over the place” as the coronavirus lockdown in England was relaxed.

He acknowledged the easing of restrictions was a massive test for the Government but accused ministers of sending out conflicting signals.

Sir Keir told Times Radio: “The messaging has been all over the place.

“You have had some Government messaging saying go out and have a drink, other messaging saying be responsible, be cautious – the messaging, I think, has been very poor over the last few weeks.”

He continued: “We have supported the easing of restrictions and we have supported the Government on that.

“But, we have been very mindful of the risks, so we are saying be very cautious the virus hasn’t gone away.

“My message, really, to the Government is, this is a big test for you.

“We are supporting you in easing restrictions, but you absolutely have to be on top of the risks.

“And that means that things like test, track and trace really have to work. And there has to be a much better way of dealing with local outbreaks.”

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Coronavirus cases (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Meanwhile, a new poll shows more than half of voters think the hospitality sector has been reopened too soon.

The Opinium survey found 52 percent believe outlets like pubs and restaurants are going back into business early.

Adam Drummond, head of political polling at Opinium, said: “While the Government may be keen to reopen, the public are looking ahead and with trepidation and aren’t expecting this release to be anything but temporary.

“An overwhelming majority expect a second wave of coronavirus to hit the UK, and a smaller majority expect a further lockdown will be needed before a vaccine eventually releases us from this virus.” has approached the Labour Party for a comment.

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