Kim Jong-un forces citizens to hand over bizarre evidence as ‘TRAITORS’ spark witch hunt

Kim Jong-un forces citizens to hand over bizarre evidence as ‘TRAITORS’ spark witch hunt

In September a message reading “down with party officials who live well by exploiting the people” was written on a marketplace fence in South Pyongan province, to the north of capital Pyongyang. As North Korea is an oppressive dictatorship where opposition is not tolerated local authorities are hunting the perpetrator.

Speaking to Radio Free Asia (RFA) a source said: “The local security department is in an uproar.

“Under the orders of the security department, the leaders of the local neighbourhood watch units visited each household, making both adults and children to write with pens on paper to be submitted to the security department.

“They are closely comparing the graffiti and the handwriting examples, but they have yet to catch the criminal.

“So, they are starting a second handwriting investigation.

“The first time they made everyone write with their right hand, but this time, all the residents must write with their left.”

According to the source locals are angry authorities have taken such a heavy-handed approach.

The North Korean regime has a long track record of executing political dissenters or imprisoning them in compulsory work camps, or gulags.

Speaking to RFA a North Korean from a neighbouring province said they’d also been required to give a handwriting sample when visiting South Pyongan.

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Separately the North Korean regime reportedly executed five Economic Ministry officials after they criticised Kim Jong-un’s policies during a dinner party.

According to Daily NK they were killed by firing squad on July 30.

Their families were also detained and sent to the notorious Camp 15 gulag in Yodok.

Since coming to power in 2011 Kim Jong-un has ruled North Korea through fear.

Those killed included his own uncle, General Jang Song-thaek.

According to ‘Rage’, a new book by Bob Woodward, the North Korean dictator boasted to Donald Trump that he’d put the General’s head on display for others to see.

Kim Jong-nam, half brother to Kim Jong-un, was assassinated in February 2017 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The attack has widely been blamed on the North Korean regime which saw Mr Kim as a potential threat.

Last month a 47-year-old South Korean man was executed by North Korean troops after crossing the border between the two countries.

Kim Jong-un later issued a rare apology over the incident which he termed a “disgraceful affair”.

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