Kim Jong-Un’s death could spark North Korean civil war says military expert

Kim Jong-Un’s death could spark North Korean civil war says military expert

Kim Jong-un’s death has been reported by several media outlets in China and Japan following concerns over his health. Early reports have indicated that the North Korean dictator died following complications from heart surgery he had earlier in the month. If reports of his death are correct the news will spell turmoil for the secretive nation a senior South Korean military source said.

South Korean operations chief Lt. Gen. Chun in-Bum told Military Times: “It’s bad news for everyone.

“This could lead to chaos, human suffering and instability.”

Retired Special Forces Colonel David Maxwell also told the Military Times a military response may be necessary by the US and South Korea in the event of unrest from the country.

He claimed tensions between North Korea and the West could intensify following the death of Kim Jong-un.

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Mr Maxwell said: “Since North Korea is a Guerrilla Dynasty built on the myth of anti-Japanese Partisan warfare, we can expect a large number of the military, 1.2 million active-duty and 6 million reserves, to resist any foreign intervention.

“This includes intervention from South Korea.

“Units of the North Korean People’s Army are going to compete for resources and survival.

“This will lead to internal conflict among units and could escalate to widespread civil war.”

“But it is unknown whether a woman, despite being part of the Paektu bloodline could become the leader of the Kim family regime.”

Earliest reports of Kim Jong-un’s death came from Vice director of HKSTV Hong Kong Satelite Television Shijan Xingzou who claimed that a very solid source told her that the North Korean leader had died.

Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai claimed that the dictator was not yet dead but in a vegetative state and would not recover from his heart surgery complications.

Published at Sat, 25 Apr 2020 20:01:00 +0000