Kindle fans have hours left to get a much cheaper way to access ebooks

Kindle fans have hours left to get a much cheaper way to access ebooks

Amazon is running a promotion on its Kindle Unlimited ebook service which slashes the price in half for six months. This popular subscription plan, which usually costs £7.99 per mont, lets you access a library of over a million electronic books. So if you’re struggling to find something new to read Kindle Unlimited will have you covered. Right now you can get a Kindle Unlimited subscription for just £3.99 a month, but this half-price promotion is only valid until Friday, September 30.

Besides offering a huge library of ebooks, you will also be able to access a range of magazine subscription as well as thousands of titles that come with Audible narration.

And, while the service is called Kindle Unlimited, you don’t need one of Amazon’s popular gadgets to use it.

You can also access Kindle Unlimited – and Kindle ebooks in general – via the Kindle app for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as on laptops and through Amazon’s Fire range of tablets.

Before you rush off to sign-up for this deal there are a few important things we have to point out.

Firstly, it’s only available for people with an account who are completely new to Kindle Unlimited.

So if you are currently enjoying a free trial or are a paid member you won’t be able to take advantage. Anyone that has signed up for a Kindle Unlimited free trial or deal in the past 36 months may also not be eligible for the half-price discount running right now.

Another thing to bear in mind is that auto-renew will automatically be applied.

So once the six month membership period at half price runs out you will be charged the usual Kindle Unlimited price of £7.99 a month.

If you don’t want to pay full price for the Amazon ebook service make sure you cancel before then.

Another important thing to point out about Kindle Unlimited will only apply to Amazon Prime subscribers.

Anyone that is already with Prime may get a familiar sense of deja vu when looking through the Kindle Unlimited library.

That’s because some of the books included with Prime Reading – which is one of the perks of Prime – are also available with Kindle Unlimited.

However, the Kindle Unlimited library is leaps and bounds bigger and more varied.

Prime Reading has a library of over a thousands ebooks, magazines and comics – whereas Kindle Unlimited has a library of over a million ebooks.

Plus, with Prime Reading there are restrictions on the amount of books you can read at any given time, whereas Kindle Unlimited – as the name suggests – offers subscribers unlimited access to its vast library.

Published at Thu, 29 Sep 2022 15:35:37 +0000